For My Birthday, Give Me Sex Worker Books!

There’s been this thing going on over on Twitter that I won’t get into details about, but apparently an author who’s just published a book billed as erotic romance thinks that, among other things, writing about a sex worker is groundbreaking for the genre.

As if.

Anyway, in the process of the discussion, the awesome and adorable Heidi Belleau suggested the idea of reccing books by existing erotic romance authors that have main characters who do (or have done) some form of sex work. And hey, I had a birthday post coming up and thought that would be an EXCELLENT idea.

Here is a list of as many stories as I could pile in over the weekend. I’ve linked as best I could and, whenever possible, used the author’s own description for the specific position (e.g., escort vs. hooker vs. prostitute). I have not specified the type of story or pairing (M/M, M/F, etc.), and I haven’t vetted all these personally, so please read blurbs/reviews/etc. before one-clicking (or don’t come cryin’ to me about it, LOL).

Blue Boy series by Garrett Leigh (porn models)

The Couple Who Fooled the World by Maisey Yates (prostitute)

The First Real Thing (book 1 of The Icon Men set) by Cat Grant (escort)

Golden Collar series by Grace R. Duncan (pleasure slaves)

Hot Head by Damon Suede (porn models)

Johnnies series by Amy Lane (porn models)

Last Chance Charlie by Ryan Loveless (rentboy)

Making It Pay by J.L. Merrow (prostitute)

A Man of Privilege by Sarah M. Anderson (hooker)

The Mating of Michael by Eli Easton (sex surrogate)

The Red Light series by Jayne Rylon (prostitute)

The Reluctant Rentboy by C.R. Guiliano (rentboy)

Soul Bonds by Lynn Lorenz (sex slave)

The Submission Gift by Solace Ames (rentboy)

Unfortunate Son by Shae Connor (porn model)

Working Boys series by J.P. Barnaby (escort/go-go dancer/porn model)

And now here’s your chance, folks: fill up the comments with links to all your favorite erotic romance books that feature sex workers as main characters. Escorts, rentboys, porn stars, pleasure slaves, sex surrogates—whatever stories you love, in any subgenre. Blatant self-promotion absolutely welcome!

Unfortunate Son Cover Reveal and Preorders!

And we’re up a little early!!

This is a cover reveal two and a half years in the making. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…


Cover model is Travis Irons. Photography by Cover design by Paul Richmond of Dreamspinner Press.

Complete book info below!

Unfortunate Son
Sons: Book One
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release date: January 12, 2015

Five years ago, Evan Day lost his lover in the Afghan sand, and in the fallout, he lost his military career and his family. With help from friends, he reinvented himself as porn star Trevor Hardball, but his scars are hidden, not healed. When Riley Yeats falls into Evan’s lap in a bar, he awakens a part of Evan he’d thought was dead and gone. Evan’s fascinated by the blond and twinky Riley, even though he’s the opposite of Evan’s usual type.

Then Evan’s family reappears his life, and Evan soon learns Riley has his own family-inflicted wounds—ones that make it hard for him to be there for Evan. A disastrous confrontation between Evan and his parents leaves Evan’s mother injured and Evan overcome by anger and fear. Losing his tenuous hold on his emotional control, Evan makes one bad decision after another, but maybe his final fall will be the wake-up call Evan needs to set things right—with his parents, and with Riley.​

Preorder links: Ebook and Paperback

Help Me Fill My Mom’s Kindle!

My mom looooooooves her Kindle. Sure, she plays games on it nearly as often as she reads on it, but she reads on it a LOT, and she loves it that she doesn’t need to lug a bag of books on trips anymore. (So does Dad, since he’s the one who had to play pack mule most of the time!)

Unfortunately, since her Kindle was an early model, it’s starting to fall apart. It’s the push-button kind, not the touch-screen kind, and the buttons don’t work all that well anymore. She definitely needs a new one, and so when Amazon had Kindles on sale for Black Friday weekend, I grabbed her a new one. Yay!

Now I need help filling it. Yes, she’ll re-download her files to the new device as soon as she gets it set up, but she should have some new reads, right?

The challenge is finding things she’ll enjoy without breaking the bank. I have some money to play with, but the lower the price, the more I can buy.

Here’s what she likes. First and foremost: no graphic sex or violence. Sex scenes are okay if they’re not detailed, but she prefers a closed door (or no sex at all). Violence should be mild or off-page and never gory or descriptive.

For genre, she likes sweet or inspirational romance and cozy mysteries. She likes Christian romance that isn’t overly saccharine, and she loves stories with humor in them, even if they aren’t precisely “comedies.” She likes stories with older heroes/heroines and generally prefers contemporary settings rather than historicals (though modern/recent historicals set within the past 100 years or so would be great). She likes small towns, beach settings, Southern locations, and plays on words. Of course, a book that combines any of those things would be especially great.

For romance specifically, Harlequin Heartwarming and any inspirational line would be a couple of good examples.

A few of her favorite authors/stories:

The Thursday Next series

The Southern Sisters mysteries

Tracy Brogan’s Crazy Little Thing

(One caveat: Mom spent most of her career as a writer and editor and doesn’t have much patience for subpar editing. Even less than I do, and that’s saying a lot! So if you love a story despite the errors, it’s probably not a good choice for her.)

So help me out here! Tell me about any great reads that fit her needs and don’t cost the world. I’ll grab up as many as I can afford. And as always, feel free to pimp out yourself.

A Major Award! and More Butt Babes

WinnerLGOMG, I am still flailing about this! Playing Ball, the baseball-themed anthology I helped develop with fellow authors Kerry Freeman, Marguerite Labbe, and Kate McMurray, won Best LGBT Anthology/Collection in the Rainbow Awards! We owe a great debt to Dreamspinner Press and Elizabeth North for publishing the book and to Grace McCullough for fabulous editing, as well as to those who nominated for and judged the contest. Woot!

*takes breath*

In other news, the lovely Kage Alan guested at Love Bytes Reviews today to plug our new anthology, Butt Babes in Boyland. He’s giving away a signed copy of the second butts anthology, Butt Ninjas from Hell, so run over and get your entries in!

Butt Babes on Tour, a Review, and an Interview!

I’m guest blogging over at Prism Book Alliance today, talking about the craziness that is Butt Babes in Boyland and my love for holiday stories.

On Tuesday, fellow butt babe Kiernan Kelly guested at MM Good Book Reviews, who gave the anthology an awesome 4.5-star review. Yay! Thanks, Lisa!

Also, on Monday night, Wt Prater will be hosting most of the butts authors on Taste Test on WON Radio. Details and more guest appearances to come! :)

Grace R. Duncan on Survival and Healing

Today’s guest is Grace R. Duncan, here to talk about her new novella Healing, which is set in the post-pandemic world as her previous story Celebrating You. Take it away, Grace!

HealingFSWhen I sat down to start writing in my post-pandemic world, I didn’t do what I’ve advised others to do, what I’ve done for my other world—the Golden Collar world. In that world, I made a map. I wrote out names and titles. I decided on money and food.
Of course, the Pandemus world isn’t the same. It’s, essentially, our world but with a lot less people. And a lot more dangerous. So while I did my world building, most of it was in my head.

One of the biggest questions I had to ask myself, of course, was “How do they survive?” I mean, most of the time, we go to the grocery store (or wherever) and pick up our groceries and toiletries and we don’t give it a second thought. What happens when you can’t do that anymore? How do you eat? What about clean clothes? How do you clean up?
Now, anyone who’s watched any sort of post-apocalyptic movie has already thought about this. I’ve made it no secret that Stephen King’s The Stand helped inspire my world (though, without the creepy old black lady, scary crows, and an overarching good vs evil plot). It certainly gave me food for thought while I figured out things like… how many died? That’s going to make a big difference. If there are still lots and lots of people, then the scramble for food is much harder.
But I wanted an empty world. I wanted opportunity. Pandemus is meant to be a character-driven series of stories, not world-driven.

To that end, I decided a huge chunk of the population would be wiped out, leaving maybe twenty percent of the population. Some of that, of course, was from causes other than the virus, but that doesn’t matter. The end result is the same.

Because there are so few left, there’s plenty of stuff lying around. Canned and dried foods that aren’t going bad anytime soon. Obviously, eventually, these things will run out, but as Pandemus starts roughly three years out from the virus, that isn’t the case yet.

But it also means that those not willing to approach the corrupt cities would have to keep scavenging for useable supplies. Mark and Duncan are two such, the same as Jake from Celebrating You. It felt safer, easier to them. Each new place would have more canned goods, more dried fruit and jerky, more nuts, and so on.

Deciding things like these gave me a new appreciation for all I don’t have to do to survive. The idea that it could conceivably be days before I found something edible is a frightening prospect. I’m glad the Kroger down the street isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

As long as I don’t get sick…

When Duncan stumbles into a pharmacy in search of something to fix his broken leg, he’s surprised to find someone else there. Like the rest of the post-pandemic world, it appeared empty. Instead, he discovers Mark, a former nurse who walked away from his profession after losing too many patients to the virus.

Despite swearing he’d never practice medicine again, Mark patches Duncan up over Duncan’s protests. He even finds an abandoned house in the tiny town, and they settle in until Duncan heals enough to look out for himself. Much to the chagrin of both, they find themselves caring for each other.

Duncan welcomes it, thrilled at finding someone he can trust. However, he’s well aware of the shadows in Mark’s eyes and understands Mark’s reticence as he learns the story. But as he’s starting to do things for himself again, Duncan realizes he doesn’t want Mark to leave. He’s not sure if can get Mark to let go of his fears so they can stay together and love. But Duncan’s damned sure going to try.

Buy links:
AllRomance eBooks


He should have known better. Under normal circumstances, it was a stupid move, but right here, right now, “stupid” didn’t begin to cover it.

Duncan glared at his leg for another moment, then leaned his head back against the wall. He needed to keep moving. It hurt like hell, but he had to keep going. It wasn’t going to get better on its own. The gash needed to be cleaned and bandaged, and even if the break wasn’t bad, it should at least be braced. And it wasn’t like he could call an ambulance. Or even go into an emergency room.

Well, he supposed he could go into an emergency room, if he was in the city. But like a lot of other people, he avoided the cities whenever possible. And when it wasn’t, he stayed as far on the edge as he could. But even there, it was a dangerous risk. As corrupt as the cities were now, the price of anything was higher than most could pay. He’d heard rumors that, in some of the worst cities, people simply got shot if they couldn’t pay what the thugs in power wanted. It was all rumor, but rumor he wasn’t about to ignore.

So he did his damnedest to stay away.

He’d been stupid to jump off the ledge. Even at only a couple of feet higher than he was tall, the risk hadn’t been worth it. He’d have thought, after nearly three years, he’d learned how to be more careful and not take those kinds of risks. It wasn’t the first time he’d fallen and hurt himself—though, thankfully, the last one hadn’t involved a broken bone. Maybe it should have; he might have learned his lesson then.

“Really fucking stupid, Dun.”

Duncan steeled himself and pulled to his feet, grimacing when the sharp pain shot up his ankle and through his leg. “Fuck,” he muttered, breathing hard through his nose. When he finally focused past the pain, he looked up and noted the position of the sun, the only real indication he had for the time, and figured he had another good hour or two of light. If he was right about where he was, he wouldn’t need all of it. He tucked the stick he’d found under his arm, grimaced when it dug into the soft flesh, but then leaned on it and hobbled along again.

Praise for GRACE R. DUNCAN
“I really enjoyed the characters, and loved watching them on their journey. Duncan does a great job of giving a really detailed story, and taking us on a great ride as two men find their happily ever after.”   —Joyfully Jay, on “No Sacrifice”

“There were so many wonderful themes going on in this story, I was wrapped up in them all and couldn’t wait to see how Grace brought them all together.” —Love Bytes Reviews, on “No Sacrifice”

“I don’t really read a lot of historical fiction but some of it is damn good, including Grace Duncan’s Choices… The world building is excellent and draws you right in. The character development is also wonderful.” —Mrs. Condit & Friends Reads Books, on “Choices”

Grace’s Bio:

Grace Duncan grew up with a wild imagination. She told stories from an early age—many of which got her into trouble. Eventually, she learned to channel that imagination into less troublesome areas, including fanfiction, which is what has led her to writing male/male erotica.

A gypsy in her own right, Grace has lived all over the United States. She has currently set up camp in East Texas with her husband and children—both the human and furry kind.

As one of those rare creatures who loves research, Grace can get lost for hours on the internet, reading up on any number of strange and different topics. She can also be found writing fanfiction, reading fantasy, crime, suspense, romance and other erotica or even dabbling in art.

Grace’s website:
Twitter: @GraceRDuncan

Release Day! Butt Babes in Boyland

ButtBabesInBoyland_coverIt’s here, it’s here! The butt boys are here!

It’s release day for the latest entry in our sort-of series, Butt Babes in Boyland, from Wilde City Press. Yay!!!

The blurb and the complete story list:

The holidays are a time for visiting with family and friends, and sharing tales of peace, childlike innocence, and good will towards all mankind. These are not those stories. Instead, sit back and allow yourself to be regaled with the colorful adventures of toy-themed parties with a twist, the future of Elf Enforcement, misfit sex toys at the North Pole, the mysterious Workshop 69, special delivery packages, and a serious case of potentially mistaken identity. This year, the Butt-thology authors cordially invite you to join them in creating a new tradition.

This holiday season, it’s not just turkeys getting stuffed!


“It’s A Wonderful Lube” by Kage Alan
“The Isle of Misfit Toys” by JP Barnaby
“For Fox Sake” by T.C. Blue
“The Half-Life of Pumpkin Pie” by Shae Connor
“Special Package” by Jevocas Green
“Elf Confidence” by Kiernan Kelly

BUY LINKS! (to be updated as links go live)

Wilde City




Rainbow Awards: Honorable Mention for Playing Ball

RA_HMlogoMore great news! The baseball anthology Playing Ball that I helped put together with Kerry Freeman, Marguerite Labbe, and Kate McMurray has received an honorable mention nod from the Rainbow Awards. As awards maven Elisa Rolle explains it, an honorable mention goes to any book that’s awarded a score of 36 or higher (out of 40) by at least one judge. These stories might still place in the final awards listings for their categories.

Here are some of the comments we received:

This was overall a very enjoyable anthology. The characters are ‘people’ one can actually ‘see’ in real life. Their situations are factual, things like what each of these men went through I could see happening to men out there.

This array of stories sucked me in… I liked they were so easy to fall into and feel like you were a part of the story itself—sign of good writing to me.

Probably the best anthology I have ever read. Each story was a little gem. Loved it.

Thank you to the judges, and especially to Elisa for all the hard work she puts into this project every year. :)

For those who haven’t tried out this anthology, here are the buy links and story blurbs:

Playing Ball cover

Dreamspinner Press
Ebook (ISBN-13: 978-1-62798-176-7)
Print (ISBN-13: 978-1-62798-175-0)
Amazon (Kindle)
Barnes & Noble (Nook)
All Romance eBooks

Home Field Advantage by Shae Connor

Toby MacMillan, grandson of Atlanta Braves owner Ray MacMillan, lives for baseball and loves his team. When he meets new team member Caleb Browning, an innocent welcome-to-the-big-leagues dinner leads to a not-so-innocent night together. Toby quickly calls things off, afraid of the ramifications of their tryst, but the two men develop a friendship that soon becomes more. After Caleb takes a fastball to the head, their budding romance hits the news—and Toby’s grandfather hits the roof. When Ray MacMillan demands Toby deny the relationship, Toby must choose between the team he’s loved all his life and the man he could love for the rest of it.

One Man to Remember by Kate McMurray

It’s 1927, and in New York City, Babe Ruth and the Yankees’ unstoppable batting lineup, Murderers’ Row, is all anyone can talk about. Across town, the Giants’ rookie infielder Skip Littlefield racks up hits, creating a streak to rival the Babe’s. Worried his secrets could get out, he avoids the spotlight, but he catches the attention of lauded sports reporter Walter Selby, a notorious dandy whose sexuality is an open secret. Skip reluctantly agrees to an interview, and mutual attraction is sparked. Skip can only hope the more charismatic stars will draw attention away from his romance with Walt. Otherwise, his career and everything he loves is at stake.

Wild Pitch by Marguerite Labbe

Ruben Martell fell in love with Alan Hartner during their years playing baseball. They stepped over the foul line once, but the encounter left them struggling with heartache and guilt, turning away from each other to focus on their families. Now retired from the majors, they run a batting cage together and coach rival Little League teams as they juggle fatherhood and being single again. Though Ruben has never given up hope that Alan might look at him as more than a friend, Alan seems determined to keep things the way they’ve always been. But long-buried feelings and desires have a way of resurfacing, and Ruben can’t wait forever.

One Last Road Trip by Kerry Freeman

With the last game of his Major League Baseball career behind him, Jake Wilson hits the road. Years have passed, but he never got over the romance he shared with Mikko Niemi back in college. Finally, he’s ready to do something about it. He starts with some crucial visits to his ex-wife in New Mexico, his son in Oklahoma, and his daughter in Tennessee. But his true destination is Mikko’s home in Georgia, where he’s hoping to get a second chance at love.

12 Days of Charity 2014

It’s charity time again! For those who don’t know, every year I kick off December by spotlighting a dozen (or more) charitable organizations for your holiday giving consideration. I’ll be tweeting each day and updating this post with the additional charities as they pop up. (Okay, well, I often fall behind in updating, but they’ll get here eventually!)

This year, I decided to mix in several Atlanta-area and other local charities along with national/international organizations. Larger groups often get much more attention than smaller ones that can often make an even bigger difference locally. You’ll notice a theme emerging: several of the groups I’m highlighting are focused on helping the large number of homeless LGBT+ youth, which is a big area of concern for me, and for a lot of you, too.

Day 1: The Armorettes

I always select an AIDS-related charity for December 1, World AIDS Day. This year I’m highlighting The Armorettes, also known as the Infamous Camp Drag Queens of the South, a drag troupe based in Atlanta that has raised more than $2 million over the past 35 years to support people living with HIV/AIDS. The troupe performs twice a week and conducts various other fundraisers throughout the year. (They also inspired the drag troupe in my upcoming novel, Unfortunate Son.)

Day 2: Médecins Sans Frontières

Doctors Without Borders needs no introduction. This international humanitarian organization provides emergency medical aid wherever it’s needed, anywhere in the world. Its medical volunteers provide quality care to people in crisis, regardless of race, religion, or politics, often in dangerous areas and situations. Simply put, MSF saves lives.

Day 3: Dream Power Therapeutic Equestrian Center

My friend Alicia clued me in about this group. Dream Power offers therapeutic, sport, and recreational horseback riding to physically and mentally challenged clients of all ages. Around since 1993, the center serves metro Atlanta and nearby communities and is a member of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International.

Day 4: Partners In Health

Suggested by my friend Amy Jo, Partners In Health works to bring modern health care to the poor throughout the world. The organization started its work in Haiti in 1987 but has expanded to efforts in far-flung locations including Peru, Mexico, Rwanda, the Dominican Republic, Lesotho, and even the Navajo Nation in the United States. Partnerships organizations include PACT (USA), Possible (Nepal), Project Muso (Mali), Last Mile Health (Liberia), Village Health Works (Burundi), and Wellbody Alliance (Sierra Leone).

Day 5: Lost-n-Found Youth

Lost-n-Found Youth is a relatively new organization, in existence only since 2011, that’s done a huge amount of work already and has a set of ambitious goals yet to go. The organization’s goal is to get homeless LGBT+ youth in the Atlanta area off the streets and transitioned into permanent housing. LNFY operates a help hotline, a six-bed housing facility, and a host home program and is working to renovate a new location to expand its housing options.

Day 6: Reach Out and Read

My friend Ariel suggested Reach Out and Read, which works to promote literacy among young children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The organization is made up of medical providers who integrate literacy into pediatric practice by promoting children’s books and providing advice to parents about the importance of reading aloud. Founded in 1989, the organization now offers nearly 5,000 program sites nationwide that serve more than 4 million children.

Day 7: Pridelines Youth Services and the Alliance for GLBTQ Youth

My friend Lori suggested these Miami-area organizations. Pridelines was created by gay youth for gay youth and works to support and empower LGBT+ youth in South Florida. The Alliance for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Youth offers programs coordinated with service organizations throughout the Miami-Dade County area.

Day 8: The Wounded Warrior Project 

The Wounded Warrior Project’s mission statement is simple and straightforward: “To honor and empower Wounded Warriors.” The organization works to provide assistance to military service members and veterans who have suffered physical or mental injuries and to help them recover and adjust to life off the front lines. Founded after 9/11, WWP has served tens of thousands of service members and their families and continues to provide ongoing support.

Day 9: Project Fierce Chicago 

Founded in 2013, Project Fierce Chicago is working to provide identity-affirming transitional housing and other support services to homeless LGBT youth in the Chicago area. After a successful initial fundraising campaign, the organization is currently shopping for a location to set up housing for up to a dozen youth. (Also check out the Less Than Three Press anthology that’s raising funds to help!)

Day 10: SAGE

SAGE (Services and Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Elders) focuses on assistance for older GLBT adults in the  United States. The organization works on many fronts, ranging from political advocacy to service provider training to direct services related to health and wellness, arts and culture, and more. Founded in 1978 as Senior Action in a Gay Environment, SAGE offers its programs at national and local levels, including 27 local affiliate groups in 20 states.

Day 11: Ali Forney Center

The Ali Forney Center offers housing and support services for LGBTQ youth in New York City. Founded in 2002, the organization provides medical and mental health services and career and educational counseling, as well as basic necessities like hot meals, showers, and clean clothing. A drop-in center and both short-term emergency housing and longer-term transitional housing are available.

Day 12: Forty to None Project

Last but certainly not least, and tying together a theme, is this organization that my friend Jeff pointed me toward. The Forty to None Project, part of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund, works to bring an end to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth homelessness nationwide. The name comes from the 40% of homeless youth who are LGBT+, with a goal of bringing that number down to zero.

New Contract: Wayward Son (Sons Book 2)

For those who missed my celebration on social media, I’ve just signed the contract for Wayward Son, to be published in May/June 2015 by Dreamspinner Press.  This will be my third (!!!) novel and is the second in the Sons series, the sequel to Unfortunate Son, which releases on January 12, 2015. Wayward Son is also my first novel-length ménage (M/M/M) story.

Here is the (very, very preliminary blurb):

After his move to Atlanta and away from the influence of his conservative parents, Mikey O’Malley finally feels free to be himself: art student, aspiring animator, and out gay man. He has friends, a new job, and not one, but two men interested in him. Cory Lassiter and Jimmy Black have been a happy couple for years, occasionally bringing a twink into their bed, but only for a brief roll in the hay. When Mikey meets the pair, the attraction is immediate, and it runs three ways. Mikey just can’t believe they’d have room in their lives for a permanent addition.

When Mikey’s newfound life is shattered by a lawsuit that accuses him of molesting a child years earlier, Mikey’s determined to face his troubles on his own, but Cory and Jimmy are just as determined that he not have to go it alone. To reconcile his need for independence and his desire for love, Mikey has to learn that being a man isn’t just about standing on your own two feet. It’s about letting yourself lean on the ones who love you.

Now: on to book 3! :)