Now Available: Rough & Tumble

It’s here! My newest release, Rough & Tumble, is out today with Entangled Publishing. It’s the first in the University of Atlanta series, which features sports-centered romances. First up: Grant and Darryn, who are roommates and gymnastics teammates.

My name’s Grant Clark, and I have managed to screw up my entire life. In triplicate.

Number one: I fell in love with my best friend.

Number two: I thought he was straight.

Number three: Because of number two, I didn’t make a move on number one. Until it was too late.

Or is it?

When I accidentally interrupt him with another guy—and he turns out to be the worst—well, I think it’s time I finally make a move.

Don’t you?

Warning: This book contains two men who don’t mind a little humor and heartache as they struggle to find their happily ever after in the aftermath of a toxic relationship.

Gorgeous cover art by the amazing Bree Archer.

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