Works In Progress

redpenimageHere’s what I have in the pipeline at the moment (updated irregularly). Percentages are based on projected final word count, and titles are working titles. All of this is nebulous as heck, and in particular, anything without a set release date is very much subject to change. 🙂

Coming soon!

Hard Drive: F/F, book 2 of college sports romance series (coming October 18 from Entangled Publishing)

In Development:
Help Wanted: Boyfriend: M/F fake-date-for-a-Southern-family-wedding romcom (~20%)
Destination Matrimony: M/M single-title romance (~12%)
Dad Next Door
: M/M category romance (~7%)
Having Her Best Friend’s Baby: M/F surprise!baby category romance (~10%)

Late 2021/early 2022: More re-releases of titles reverted from publisher

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