Wide Open Spaces
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Seven short stories, seven couples, seven different worlds.

What to Expect When Your Boyfriend Is Expecting
What fun is a cross-species pregnancy without an old-fashioned kidnapping to shake things up?

The Ringmaster
What’s in the past doesn’t always stay in the past—which might not be a bad thing.

Clean Up on Aisle Me!
The customer is always right. Unless he’s dead.

Discovering Columbus
A shared hotel room and some uniform appeal.

I Married the Best Man 
Waking up married in Vegas might have been the best accident of their lives.

The Half-Life of Pumpkin Pie
Of bakeries, holiday parties, and unexpected gifts.

Faux Cowboy
Save a fake horse—ride a fake cowboy.

All stories have been previously published.

AllInADaysWork_small“Ice Cream Dreams”
All in a Day’s Work anthology
Dreamspinner Press
Ebook (ISBN-13: 978-1-63216-505-3)
Paperback (ISBN-13: 978-1-63216-504-6)

Gage Albert is working at his Uncle Gordon’s ice cream shop when well-regarded young chef Loren Rey stops by, interested in using the shop’s unique flavors for his new restaurant. Gage plies Loren with samples and banter and soon finds ice cream isn’t the only thing on the menu. After the men share a hot night together, Gage approaches his uncle about Loren’s ideas, but he fears Gordon’s religious nature may mean rejection not just for Loren but also for Gage, who isn’t out to his uncle. Torn between the business and the personal, Gage has to decide if a future with Loren is worth revealing all.

2nd edition
Grand Adventures anthology
Dreamspinner Press
Ebook (ISBN-13: 978-1-62798-996-1)
Paperback (ISBN-13: 978-1-62798-995-4)

When Blake O’Leary and Jon Harrison meet in a Manhattan club, it’s far from a typical pickup. Blake is an exotic dancer, and Jon is a customer, so a hook-up is off limits. Yet when Jon buys a private dance from Blake and they spend the time talking, it leads to a night at a hotel. But physical attraction isn’t all that drew them together, and when their hot night ends, they wonder if they have a chance at something more.

Playing Ball cover

Home Field Advantage
Playing Ball anthology
Dreamspinner Press
Ebook (ISBN-13: 978-1-62798-176-7)
Print (ISBN-13: 978-1-62798-175-0)

Toby MacMillan, grandson of Atlanta Braves owner Ray MacMillan, lives for baseball and loves his team. When he meets new team member Caleb Browning, an innocent welcome-to-the-big-leagues dinner leads to a not-so-innocent night together. Toby quickly calls things off, afraid of the ramifications of their tryst, but the two men develop a friendship that soon becomes more. After Caleb takes a fastball to the head, their budding romance hits the news—and Toby’s grandfather hits the roof. When Ray MacMillan demands Toby deny the relationship, Toby must choose between the team he’s loved all his life and the man he could love for the rest of it.


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