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Cover art by Shae Connor

Love Along the Way

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In these five short stories, romance blossoms in unexpected ways.

The Coffee Shop Around the Corner
Political discourse is Madeline Maloney’s jam. Social media manager for a progressive mayoral candidate, she finds her interest piqued by an email exchange with a local businessman—but also by the cute guy at the coffee shop where she buys her morning cup.

The Cabin on the Hill
Jesse hadn’t planned for anything more than a break from the noise and heat of Atlanta when he returned to the cabin he rented each year in the Smoky Mountains – but that was before he met Eli, the handsome man renting the other side of the cabin.

Ice Cream Dreams
Gage Albert is behind the counter at his Uncle Gordon’s ice cream shop when well-regarded young chef Loren Rey steps in one afternoon, interested in using the shop’s unique flavors for a new restaurant. Gage plies Loren with samples and banter, but he soon finds ice cream isn’t the only thing on the menu.

Darren Lowell and Nathan Thomas are at loose ends in the Windy City. A chance meeting in a hotel lobby that progresses into a spectacular night will make Chicago a whole lot more interesting for them both.

When Blake O’Leary and Jon Harrison meet in a Manhattan club, it’s far from a typical pickup. Blake is an exotic dancer, and Jon is one of his customers—a big no-no for both of them—but a private chat in place of a private dance prompts them to spend a hot night together.

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Dreams of Winters Past cover

Cover art by Shae Connor

Dreams of Winters Past

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A collection of four holiday stories to warm a winter night.

The Half-Life of Pumpkin Pie
Wil Johnson’s holiday season is off to a crappy start: the pie he takes to Thanksgiving dinner bombs, and then he gets word his payment at the bakery didn’t go through. When he goes to the shop to pay up, though, he meets Vin Hammel, who invites Wil to a toy-themed holiday party. But when the pair arrive, they find the toys aren’t exactly what they expected.

Sharing Christmas
Christmas looks to be a bust for Rick, who’s stuck covering the office over the holiday. But when his neighbor, Steven, invites him to join some residents in their apartment complex who put together gift bags to distribute at a homeless shelter for the holiday, Rick decides to join them and gets an unexpected holiday gift: Steven.

Of Holiday Spirits, Wake-Up Calls, and Happily Ever Afters
After Guy staggers home after a raucous Christmas Eve with his closest friends, he’s visited by a spirit who looks suspiciously like Teddy, the friend Guy’s secretly crushing on. Guy needs to learn the lessons of the past—and make the right choices in the present—so his future will be less about one night and more about forever.

In From the Cold
When Jeff Young walks into the rural Georgia lodge Neal Owens, he’s just looking for a room to escape a few frigid late December nights. What he ends up finding is a new friend, a lover, and maybe more, all wrapped up in one hot package.

All stories have been previously published.

Wide Open Spaces
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Seven short stories, seven couples, seven different worlds.

What to Expect When Your Boyfriend Is Expecting
What fun is a cross-species pregnancy without an old-fashioned kidnapping to shake things up?

The Ringmaster
What’s in the past doesn’t always stay in the past—which might not be a bad thing.

Clean Up on Aisle Me!
The customer is always right. Unless he’s dead.

Discovering Columbus
A shared hotel room and some uniform appeal.

I Married the Best Man 
Waking up married in Vegas might have been the best accident of their lives.

The Half-Life of Pumpkin Pie
Of bakeries, holiday parties, and unexpected gifts.

Faux Cowboy
Save a fake horse—ride a fake cowboy.

All stories have been previously published.

The Playing Ball anthology is no longer available. My novella, Home Field Advantage, is available as a standalone release. Playing Ball won the following awards and recognition:


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The Rogue Nights anthology is no longer available. My story, “The Coffee Shop Around the Corner,” is available in the Love Along the Way collection.