2019 Wrap-Up: What the Hell Just Happened?

2020 in large hanging numbers in different colors


It’s certainly been a year.

In fact, it’s been a year in the past WEEK.

So, yeah, we’ve had Some Shit To Deal With. And I’m not going to tempt fate by suggesting that 2020 will be better. I mean, I hope it will be, but considering the results over the past few new years, I won’t be holding my breath.

Some good things did come out of 2019, though! I finished and submitted a book. I started re-releasing my backlist. I attended three good author conferences and spoke at a local book festival. I spent a week in Japan. I survived another Dragon Con. I helped my dad through hip replacement. I got a lot done on the house. My sister and brother-in-law moved in. The day job is good.

My personal goals for 2020 are short and sweet: get back on the writing track, pay off debt, and finally finish getting the house together. I have some other things I’d like to do—better eating and exercise habits are always on the list, and we’re trying to get my dad to Ireland—but those are the biggest priorities.

As for everything else… well. I’ll just have to deal with it as it happens, and try to keep my head from exploding in the process.

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