12 Days of Charity: Full List

Here’s the complete list of information for the charities I featured on Twitter this year. 🙂

12 Days of Charity Day 1: International Rescue Committee (@RESCUEorg) helps people affected by war, conflict and natural disasters worldwide. rescue.org

12 Days of Charity Day 2: @ReadtoaChild fosters a love of reading among underserved children by inspiring adults to read to them regularly. readtoachild.org

12 Days of Charity Day 3: @TheYoungCenter for Immigrant Children’s Rights protects and advances the rights and best interests of immigrant children. theyoungcenter.org

12 Days of Charity Day 4: @RIPMedicalDebt works to locate, buy, and forgive medical debt. ripmedicaldebt.org

12 Days of Charity Day 5: @SpreadtheVoteUS targets voter turnout through education and by helping voters obtaining IDs. spreadthevote.org

12 Days of Charity Day 6: Kids in Need of Defense (@SupportKIND) represents unaccompanied immigrant and refugee children in deportation proceedings. supportkind.org

12 Days of Charity Day 7: @Innocence Project works to exonerate the innocent through DNA testing and to reform the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice. innocenceproject.org

12 Days of Charity Day 8: National Search Dog Foundation (@searchdogfdn) partners dogs with first responders to search for people after disasters. searchdogfoundation.org

12 Days of Charity Day 9: Fair Fight (@fairfightaction) promotes fair elections, encourages voter participation, and educates voters about elections and voting rights. fairfight.com

12 Days of Charity Day 10: The Mission Continues (@missioncontinue) connects veterans with volunteer opportunities to help in under-resourced communities. missioncontinues.org

12 Days of Charity Day 11: @Waterkeeper Alliance works to preserve and protect water with a goal of drinkable, fishable, swimmable water everywhere. waterkeeper.org

12 Days of Charity Day 12: My perennial favorite: @StJude. World-class treatment and research to save the lives of critically ill children. stjude.org

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