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Gifts Ideas for You and Yours

Hands holding a gift wrapped in white paper with a blue bowI usually do a 12-day list of charities in December, but this year, that’s just more than I can deal with. So instead, here are a dozen products I like that you might like too, either for gifts or for yourself. (For the record, I receive no compensation or consideration for any of these recommendations.)

A lap desk that works almost anywhere: We have about seven or eight of those floating around the house. They are so handy—my sister and I use them for computers (I work on one about 90% of the time), and my parents use them for eating meals in their recliners, rather than schlepping to the table every time. They hold up really well, too, especially at that price.

A Contigo water bottle: My sister recommended these, and my dad and I are converts. I drink water all day long, and I prefer it cold. I fill this bottle from the fridge, and it stays cool all day long. (Add a little ice, and it’ll last even longer.) We’ve saved SO many disposable water bottles since I got mine!

Suede slippers with super-soft lining: I own two pairs of these (beige and read), and I’ve been wearing almost nothing but them since March. So comfortable!

Odor-fighting shoe inserts: Because if you wear two pair of slippers almost all the time for most of a year, you’ll probably need these too.

Individual laundry hanging hooks: Great for hanging your masks to dry after you wash them, and then for storing in your closet with the rest of your pandemic wardrobe.

An awesome ergonomic mouse: My wrists are forever yelling at me about too much time on the computer and the phone. This mouse is a huge help. I have a wireless one for my personal laptop and a wired one for work. Two very tired thumbs up!

Your very own plush coronavirus: I’ve had a Giant Microbes collection for a while, kept on my desk at work (my day job is at the CDC, for those who don’t know). Of course, I have the new coronavirus on my Christmas list for this year. You can also get a set of two, one for COVID-19 and one for SARS!

Speaking of coronavirus, how about Santa wearing a mask: One of many pandemic-themed Christmas ornaments, this one is relatively subtle.

Awesome-smelling soap for all that extra hand washing: Pumpkin Apple is my new favorite Bath & Body Works scent, and unlike a lot of fragrances, it doesn’t irritate my skin. Of course, it’s seasonal, so I just hope they bring it back next year!

Some pretty and sweet-smelling candles: Another scent that doesn’t make me sneeze! (They also sell a ginormous jug of fragrance-free liquid hand sanitizer, if you need to refill your bottles.)

Every kind of jam and jelly you can think of: And then some. If you’ve never had mayhaw jelly, I highly recommend it. And yes, that’s moonshine jelly you see on the list. (Also check out their other classic south Georgia products, like fresh-ground grits from the Georgia Agrirama and peanut brittle made in Plains.)

And finally, you can have your very own dumpster fire: Summing up 2020 in just one indelible image.