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Six Sentence Sunday: Trevor

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but with fresh writing on the page for the first time in much too long (yay!), I thought I’d share a little snippet. 🙂

When they got to their room, Evan didn’t expect anything more than more talking and a decent night’s sleep. He was shocked when, after locking the door firmly behind them, Lucas dropped his duffel on the floor, took Evan’s face in both of his large, rough hands, and kissed him like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Because it was.

That night, Evan learned who he really was for the first time. Lucas taught him everything he knew, even though he admitted readily it was just the tip of the iceberg. But when Lucas slid his fingertips firmly across that spot inside Evan’s ass and sucked Evan’s dick hard, Evan swore he’d found all the answers he’d ever need.

Six Sentence Sunday: Trevor

From the story I’m working on for CampNaNoWriMo:

“Okay, then, make it two club sodas, please.”
The bartender nodded and started on the drinks, and Evan pulled out another cigarette, figuring he’d get one more smoke in with the soda. Riley shook his head.
“Those are bad for you, you know.”
It was all Evan could do not to crack up. Shit, on the list of bad-for-you things he’d done, cigarettes barely broke the top ten.

Six Sentence Sunday: En Fuego

I am absolutely thrilled that I wrote 5,625 words on this novella yesterday, bringing my word count total to over 20,000. I estimate I’m two thirds of the way finished with the first draft; the additional length on the word count meter over there will come in an additional subplot and some fleshing out to be done in revisions. I’m hoping to get the first draft finished by the end of this week, before Outlantacon sweeps me away. 🙂

To celebrate, my six sentences today are from En Fuego, which, for the record, stars Marsh and Brad, a veterinarian and a firefighter:

Marsh lowered his head to suck and nibble at the side of Brad’s neck, searching out the spot that had set him off so much the week before. He knew when he found it because he heard the low thump as Brad’s head hit the wall again. The fingers on his hips dug in tight, enough that it probably would’ve hurt if he hadn’t been so damn turned on.

As it was, the little sting of pain pushed him right to the brink, so close to orgasm he could taste it in the metallic flavor of adrenaline in the back of his mouth. He lifted his head back up to slam his mouth down over Brad’s, taking full control, not giving a single millimeter. And Brad surrendered, as Marsh had known he would, handing over the keys without question.

Six Sentence Sunday: Sand and Water

Stepping back a bit for a snippet from my first novel, Sand & Water. John’s just figuring out his attraction to Bryan…

John might be reserved overall, but within a relationship, he‟d always been very tactile. And in a flash, his mind filled with images of Bryan’s large, warm palm on his bare skin, running down his chest, tangling through the hair below his navel and moving on to points south.

His face warmed again, and he had to yank his thoughts back in line. The last thing he needed to be doing was sprouting wood in front of Bryan‟s family, or Bryan himself, for that matter. He had to keep a grip on himself for the rest of tonight, at least. Then he could figure out what the hell was going on and maybe even what he was going to do about it.

Six Sentence Sunday: Under the Lights

Finally got back to my football boys after too much time away, only to find them in flagrante delicto

Distantly, Josh realized that Derrick had stopped trying to move his hips, but his hands still gripped Josh’s ass, and he hadn’t stopped panting and moaning, which Josh took as encouragement to continue. Josh lowered his head to the side of Derrick’s neck, mouthing his way down the column of his throat and sucking hard at the spot where neck and shoulder met. Derrick hissed in a breath and bucked up, and Josh licked his way up Derrick’s neck and back to his mouth, kissing him hard. Everything was hard, Derrick’s tongue and body and most of all his cock, sliding against Josh’s and driving him out of his mind.

Derrick moaned into Josh’s mouth and writhed under him, and Josh thrust down again, and again, stretching toward the goal line that sat just out of reach. Derrick pulled away with a gasp and shuddered, and the flash of triumph that surged through Josh as Derrick came apart underneath him eclipsed every other win he’d ever experienced in his life.

Six Sentence Sunday: Under the Lights

I’ve been spending most of my writing time recently on football teammates Josh and Derrick. Derrick’s just gotten sick during a game and got a fun little trip to the ER for his trouble. As Josh is leaving…

“I’ll let you get some rest,” Josh said. “Call me tomorrow, okay? I’ll come over and watch one of those dumb movies you love so much if you feel up to it.”

Derrick opened one eye and rolled it. “I’ve got a migraine, man,” he drawled. “It’s not terminal.”

Six Sentence Sunday: Learning Curve

I haven’t done one of these in a while. Here’s a steamy little snippet from a story I’m currently finalizing for submission:

David moaned against Ben’s neck, and he felt the jolt that went through Ben at the sound. He opened his mouth and ran his lips along Ben’s skin, and Ben shuddered.

The next thing David knew, Ben’s hands were tight on his ass, and the grinding of their hips was no longer an accident. David dug his fingertips into Ben’s back and held on for the ride. He sucked at the pulse point in the curve of Ben’s neck, more than likely leaving behind evidence of their encounter, but he’d moved beyond caring. He’d been good for so long, and this felt so fucking good, and no one would ever—

Six Sentence Sunday: Candles

I haven’t been around to play in Six Sentence Sunday for a while, but I’m trying to get back in the habit. Here’s a snippet from a series of shorts I’m working on for a commission project. Enjoy!

“I have to say, Jared, I haven’t seen you this relaxed and happy… well, probably not in all the time I’ve known you.”

Jared couldn’t help it. He looked over at Cameron again, this time just as Cam turned his way, and their gazes caught and held, time stretching out like taffy around them. Jared didn’t know how long they stood like that, but someone finally spoke to Cameron, pulling his attention away, and Jared forced his back to his conversation with Bill.

“I’ve never been this happy,” he said. “I feel like anything I could say would just be a cliché, but he’s just… he’s not perfect, and neither am I, but we’re perfect for each other.”

Six Sentence Sunday: Model Student

For this week’s Six Sentence Sunday, I’m dipping into the wayback machine and pulling out a snippet from my first published story, Model Student. Can’t believe it’s been a year already! 🙂

One of Aaron’s favorite old guilty-pleasure movies featured Ginger Rogers as a girl trying to decide between three suitors, making her decision based on which of them set off some kind of bells in her head when they kissed. Aaron was pretty sure he was living out the climactic moment right then, mouth fused to Matt’s. It wasn’t until Matt pulled away that Aaron realized it wasn’t bells but his cell phone, chiming and vibrating in his pocket.

Matt was laughing. “I think your thigh is trying to have its way with me,” he said, nudging his leg against the hard case in Aaron’s pocket.

“Yeah, well, so was I,” Aaron grumbled good-naturedly, reluctantly pulling his hand out of Matt’s hair and digging into his pocket instead.

Six Sentence Sunday: Under The Lights

For this week’s Six Sentence Sunday, a little snippet of a little snippet. I’ve starting developing/writing a new story (which may become this year’s NaNo project), working title Under the Lights, so here’s an introduction to friends and high school football teammates Josh and Derrick:

Derrick tried not to stare at the way the skin-tight shirt stretched across Josh’s broad chest. Averting his gaze to meet Josh’s, he caught Josh’s gaze sliding away just as quickly from Derrick’s bare skin.

A jolt ran through him. He’d known for a year that Josh was gay, but it had taken him longer than that to figure out his own feelings for his friend. He still wasn’t sure he was a hundred percent gay—a gorgeous woman could still turn his head—but all it took was one look at Josh for both his heart and his body to react.

He just hadn’t decided what to do about it yet.