Six Sentence Sunday: En Fuego

I am absolutely thrilled that I wrote 5,625 words on this novella yesterday, bringing my word count total to over 20,000. I estimate I’m two thirds of the way finished with the first draft; the additional length on the word count meter over there will come in an additional subplot and some fleshing out to be done in revisions. I’m hoping to get the first draft finished by the end of this week, before Outlantacon sweeps me away. 🙂

To celebrate, my six sentences today are from En Fuego, which, for the record, stars Marsh and Brad, a veterinarian and a firefighter:

Marsh lowered his head to suck and nibble at the side of Brad’s neck, searching out the spot that had set him off so much the week before. He knew when he found it because he heard the low thump as Brad’s head hit the wall again. The fingers on his hips dug in tight, enough that it probably would’ve hurt if he hadn’t been so damn turned on.

As it was, the little sting of pain pushed him right to the brink, so close to orgasm he could taste it in the metallic flavor of adrenaline in the back of his mouth. He lifted his head back up to slam his mouth down over Brad’s, taking full control, not giving a single millimeter. And Brad surrendered, as Marsh had known he would, handing over the keys without question.

One response to “Six Sentence Sunday: En Fuego

  1. Love how you used the sense of taste – always a hard one to get. Oh see you doing the hop next month – I’ll look for you – I’m 162 I think…