Six Sentence Sunday: Under the Lights

Finally got back to my football boys after too much time away, only to find them in flagrante delicto

Distantly, Josh realized that Derrick had stopped trying to move his hips, but his hands still gripped Josh’s ass, and he hadn’t stopped panting and moaning, which Josh took as encouragement to continue. Josh lowered his head to the side of Derrick’s neck, mouthing his way down the column of his throat and sucking hard at the spot where neck and shoulder met. Derrick hissed in a breath and bucked up, and Josh licked his way up Derrick’s neck and back to his mouth, kissing him hard. Everything was hard, Derrick’s tongue and body and most of all his cock, sliding against Josh’s and driving him out of his mind.

Derrick moaned into Josh’s mouth and writhed under him, and Josh thrust down again, and again, stretching toward the goal line that sat just out of reach. Derrick pulled away with a gasp and shuddered, and the flash of triumph that surged through Josh as Derrick came apart underneath him eclipsed every other win he’d ever experienced in his life.

3 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday: Under the Lights

  1. wow – excellent writing

  2. WOW! That was really hot 🙂 something you’re currently working on, am I correct? I can’t wait to read more!!