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Butts on Sale and More!

The holiday sales are ramping up all over the place, and today, MLR Press is celebrating Thanksgiving with 25% off everything in their store. That includes the first of the “butts” anthologies, Butt Pirates in Space, which includes my short story “What to Expect When Your Boyfriend is Expecting.” Great timing if you haven’t had the pleasure, since the third anthology, Butt Babes in Boyland, is coming out December 3 from Wilde City (which also has the second anthology, Butt Ninjas from Hell.)

Butt Pirate in Space CoverStrap yourself in and strap something on as you’re transported across galaxies and lifetimes by Kiernan Kelly, Kage Alan, Angelia Sparrow, T.C. Blue and Shae Connor. Whether it’s an interspecies pregnancy between two hormonal males, a swashbuckling group of pirates, or free gifts that talk, you’ll soon learn why in space, no one can hear you cream. Open wide for…



Also! Dreamspinner Press is offering 25% off everything in the store through Sunday, November 30. You can find my DSP backlist HERE, including my two holiday stories, “Of Holiday Spirits, Wake-Up Calls, and Happily Ever Afters” and “Sharing Christmas.”

Happy shopping!



I’m On Sale!

As part of Dreamspinner Press’s fifth anniversary celebration, all books by authors who signed with them during their fourth year in business are on sale for 25% off this week. That includes me! So head on over and check out (most of) my backlist at a discount. 🙂

Missing Person, Now Found!

Well, hi there. It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? No, I’m not dead or anything. It’s just the holidays! 🙂

I’ve been having a busy December so far. The first weekend was spent in New York, seeing a play and visiting with friends (including fellow Dreamspinner author Rachel West, who is awesome!). Yesterday, my sister/roommate and I had a Christmas party, which was a lot of fun but a LOT of work. The nicest part may end up being that our apartment is now clean and decorated for Christmas, and we still have a couple of weeks to enjoy it!

In writing news, I haven’t been doing much (because: see previous paragraph), but I’m going to be getting back to it this week. I have a fandom project, a new commission project, and a NaNo project to finish. Not to mention a long list of “stories in progress,” and some galley proofs on the next novella coming soon! Plus one of my holiday stories is out and the other comes on the 22nd, and I’ll be doing a couple of blog visits for those.

Now, let’s see if I can manage not to disappear for so long again any time soon… 🙂

Release Day! Advent Calendar 2011

Today is release day for the stories in Dreamspinner’s 2001 Advent Calendar set, I’ll Be Home for Christmas. Included is my short story, “Of Holiday Spirits, Wake-Up Calls, and Happily Ever Afters.” (The title is almost as long as the story!)

You can buy any of the stories in the set individually or the full set at a discount.

Enjoy, and happy December! 🙂

25 Days of Christmas

Silver Publishing is offering a package deal of all the Christmas stories that will be released as part of the 25 Days of Christmas set in December. Each story will be added to your bookshelf on the day it’s released. My contribution, “In From the Cold,” is coming on December 22.

The set is $60.99, 14% off the individual story prices. A few of the other titles (full list available on the page linked above):

The Best Christmas Ever by Anel Viz
White Rain by JR Loveless
One Kiss by Silvia Violet
Solace by Scarlet Blackwell
Jesse’s Christmas by RJ Scott
Secret Santa by Rebecca Leigh
Rudy’s Red Nose by Sui Lynn

You’ll also be able to order the full Dreamspinner Press Advent Calendar set on December 1, if you didn’t get to pre-order already. I’ll put up a link again on Thursday! 🙂

Discounts & Giveaways from Dreamspinner Press

My primary publisher, Dreamspinner, has a few specials going on through the end of the month:

  1. The 2011 Advent Calendar set, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, is still just $49.99 if you preorder by November 25. You’ll receive a story a day throughout the month of December, including one from me! 🙂
  2. The We Are Thankful Sale offers 20% off everything on the Dreamspinner website through November 30.
  3. The Dreamspinner Facebook page has a code good for 15% off one order of any size, good for the next year.
  4. And finally, every purchase on the DSP website between now and November 30 enters you in a drawing for a Kindle Fire, with the winner to be drawn on December 1.

Go forth and treat yourself! 🙂

Friday Freebie at Cup o’Porn

Darn day job, keeping me from posting things (that I should remember to schedule in advance, I know).

I’m at Cup o’Porn again today, this time for the Friday Free-For-All. Win copies of my two upcoming holiday stories, “In From the Cold” and “Of Holiday Spirits, Wake-Up Calls, and Happily Ever Afters.” Go go go! 🙂

Coming Soon Titles, and a Freebie

My writing retreat weekend didn’t yield as many words as I would’ve liked, but I did more than double my NaNo word count, so that’s something. Plus, I had a great time and relaxed a lot, which I needed more than anything!

Update time: As I mentioned before, I’ll have two short stories out for the holidays. “Of Holiday Spirits, Wake-Up Calls, and Happily Ever Afters” will be part of Dreamspinner’s 2011 Advent Calendar set. Blurb:

How many chances does a man get before it’s too late? When Guy staggers home after a raucous Christmas Eve with his closest friends, he’s visited by a spirit who looks suspiciously like Teddy, the friend Guy’s secretly crushing on. Can Guy learn the lessons of the past—and make the right choices in the present—so his future will be less about one night and more about forever?

You can still preorder the full set through November 25 for $49.99. Starting December 1, you can buy the individual stories (mine will be $1.49) or get the whole set for $64.99.

The second story, “In From the Cold,” will be out December 22 from Silver Publishing. Blurb:

Jeff Young is starting a year-long sabbatical in rural north Georgia, but he arrives at the cabin he rented only to find the power’s out after an ice storm. Looking for a warm place to spend a night or two, Jeff meets Neal Owens, the owner of a rustic lodge, who sets him up in one of the unfinished bungalows. Their friendly conversation over dinner soon develops into a hot encounter between the sheets, but can their unexpected night together become something more?

Bonus: if you preorder any “coming soon” title on the Silver website now through next Monday (November 20), you’ll earn triple points on the purchase. Just $1.99 for mine!

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something FREE to read, check out my short “Christening” (link to PDF file). This was originally offered as part of Dreamspinner’s Halloween Howl promotion. Enjoy!

And finally, for those who took me up on the offer for free swag, never fear, I’m getting those sent out this week! (I am notoriously slow at making it to post office.)

Advent Calendar Pre-orders Available

Aha! Pre-orders are up for the Dreamspinner Press 2011 Advent Calendar set, I’ll Be Home for Christmas. You’ll get 31 stories in all, one delivered each day in December to your bookshelf on the DSP site. The full story list is included under “Excerpts” on the sale page. (My contribution is a short story, Of Holiday Spirits, Wake-Up Calls, and Happily Ever Afters.) 

The full set is $39.99 for the rest of October. It goes to $49.99 after that, and the regular price in December will be $64.99. Individual stories will also be available for purchase in December, but pre-ordering now is by far the best deal. 🙂

Sold, Again!

Dreamspinner is taking my second holiday-themed story, so I’ll have two new shorts out in December. 🙂

That also means I just have one more submission out, so I should really get busy on some of my works in progress…