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Sand & Water on Kindle

Kindle edition now available!

(Amazon erroneously lists this as a Spanish edition. There IS no Spanish edition. I downloaded a sample to double-check, and yes, it is in English!)

It’s also available at Kindlegraph. 🙂

Monday Music: Sand & Water Soundtrack

Like many other authors, I use music for inspiration while I’m writing. The title for Sand & Water and the basis for part of John’s backstory both come from the Beth Nielsen Chapman song of the same name, and the remaining songs flowed from that. The book is fairly slow paced—it’s set on an island in south Georgia, after all—and has a tinge of melancholy running throughout, so you’ll see that reflected in the songs I’ve selected.

I’ve uploaded all of the songs to They may not play in the correct order (due to licensing restrictions), but the full list the way it’s intended is given below. I hope you’ll enjoy listening. 🙂

Sand and Water—Beth Nielsen Chapman
Lullabye—Mike Grutka
Carries On—Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
I Don’t Know—Lisa Hannigan
Waves—Holly Miranda
The Sky Is Broken—Moby
In the Deep—Bird York
The Rescue—Sam Harris
Flood—Welcome to the Numb
Safe and Sound—Sheryl Crow
Come On Come On—Mary Chapin Carpenter
Jeax d’eau—Francois-Joel Thiollier
The Shining—Badly Drawn Boy
Come On Get Higher—Matt Nathanson

Now Available: Sand & Water

Pretty soon I’ll shut up about this! 😉

I am thrilled to announce that my first novel, Sand & Water, is now available for purchase from Dreamspinner Press in ebook and paperback formats. It will also be available for Kindle soon, and I’ll let you all know when that happens!

I’ll be celebrating over at the Dreamspinner Press blog starting at 9AM (Eastern time), and I’ll have some giveaways to share, so come on over and visit!

Book Trailer: Sand & Water

The official release is still a couple of hours away, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share this. 🙂

The wonderful Yael Jacknis made a beautiful trailer for Sand & Water. Cover art is by Reese Dante and music by Mike Grutka.


Six Sentence Sunday: Sand & Water

With release day for Sand & Water coming up tomorrow, my Six Sentence Sunday this time around is another little glimpse at Bryan and John:

Bryan’s fingers brushed over the light stubble along John’s jaw, and his thumb rubbed the edge of John’s chin. The light touches sent tingles across John’s skin, raising goosebumps like a cool breeze on a warm day. His body wanted more, the desire and arousal inside him begging to be set free, but he tamped it down. Slow and steady, he told himself. This feels amazing. Enjoy every moment.

Image: Louisa Stokes /

Tybee Memories

I love the outdoors. Well, at least, I do when the weather is nice. The kind of heat we’ve had the summer doesn’t really fit the bill. But when it’s a reasonable temperature for whatever outdoor activity I want to do—hiking, running, walking, just sitting around—I could almost stay outside forever. Being outdoors is what recharges my batteries faster than anything else.

I particularly like being around water. I’d much rather be on or near the water than in the water; I’m not a big swimmer. But sitting on a dock by a lake, or near a river, or on a boat, or on the beach—it’s all a slice of heaven to me.

The pier at Tybee IslandThat’s part of the reason I set Sand & Water primarily on Tybee Island. Tybee sits off the Georgia coast at Savannah, in the curve of the Southeastern shoreline. I grew up in South Georgia, and over the years I’ve made lots of trips to Georgia’s barrier islands. I’ve spent more time on St. Simons and Jekyll Islands, but I have a soft spot for Tybee.

The last time I visited was about 5 years ago, on a weekend trip to Savannah with my sister. We spent most of a day on the island, eating lunch at Stingray’s and hitting the Marine Science Center, walking on the pier and the beach. While we were there, I took the two images that were used on the cover of Sand & Water, of the beach and the pier (the latter is the picture with this post). The beach shot is also the one used for the header here and in some of the promotional materials I’ve had made.

Like most beach spots, large or small, Tybee has its fair share of kitsch and tourist-related annoyances. A Miley Cyrus movie was filmed there since my last visit, and I’m sure that wasn’t a whole lot of fun for the locals and has surely added a layer to the tourist-trappiness. But Tybee has the laid-back, small-town feel that most beach towns do, with lots of local businesses and restaurants, so it doesn’t have a “Disney-fied” feel that some places. Plus pretty much everything is within walking distance to the beach, and it’s hard to argue with that.

I use a few local businesses in Sand & Water. Tradewinds, which John mentions briefly, is a real ice cream store and coffee shop, and I’ve visited both the Marine Science Center and the snack bar on the pier. The location of Meghan’s restaurant, Let’s Be Shellfish, matches up with a seafood restaurant located along the beach, and the island has an Episcopal church too, but the versions of both in the novel are fully fictionalized. The specific locations of the homes and local parks described are also fictionalized, but Tybee has a number of Victorian-era houses like the house John, Beth, and Meghan share and the bed and breakfast where Bryan lives with his sister and her family. A lot of those have been restored in recent years, and that’s a wonderful thing to see.

Writing Sand & Water made me want to buy a place on Tybee eventually. I’d probably need to win the lottery or produce a major bestseller first, considering the real estate prices. But with the beach on my doorstep and the beautiful history of Savannah such a short drive away, it’s high up on my wish list.


I’ve signed up for Kindlegraph, which allows you to get personalized autographs for your Kindle books. Model Student and the Never Say Never and Uniform Appeal anthologies are available now, and Sand & Water will be added as soon as it appears on Amazon. 🙂

Have You Hugged Your Book Today?

I was thrilled when I got home today to find that my author copies for Sand & Water had arrived! Yes, I hugged them. I’m a wee bit excited, you guys!!

*hugs them more*

Excerpt from Sand & Water

Sand & Water, which comes out on Monday, is my first published novel. I’ve always been much more of a short story writer, but a couple years ago, I decided to give National Novel Writing Month a try. I don’t know why the structure works for me, but it does. The first year, I wrote 53,000 words on a fanfiction project, and last year, I wrote 63,000 on Sand & Water. I finished the first draft a month later. My plan for this year is to finish at least one book of a trilogy I’ve been developing.

In this excerpt, John who’s, a widower raising his young daughter, takes her to the park, where he meets Bryan. The two men strike up a friendship, but it won’t be long until it develops into more. Enjoy. 🙂


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Monday Music: Drown Me In Love

Starting the countdown to the Sand & Water release date, here’s one of the songs that helped serve as inspiration for John and Bryan’s story. I’ll be sharing the full soundtrack next week. 🙂