Six Sentence Sunday: Sand & Water

With release day for Sand & Water coming up tomorrow, my Six Sentence Sunday this time around is another little glimpse at Bryan and John:

Bryan’s fingers brushed over the light stubble along John’s jaw, and his thumb rubbed the edge of John’s chin. The light touches sent tingles across John’s skin, raising goosebumps like a cool breeze on a warm day. His body wanted more, the desire and arousal inside him begging to be set free, but he tamped it down. Slow and steady, he told himself. This feels amazing. Enjoy every moment.

Image: Louisa Stokes /

3 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday: Sand & Water

  1. slow and steady is sometimes hard to do – no pun intended – my adopted son tried slow once – not! Very well done

  2. Enjoy every moment. Sigh. Sounds good to me.