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On Sale! Graphite & Glitter Just 99 Cents, Plus Dreamspinner 30% Off!

graphiteglitter_400pxTwo sales to share today! First up, I’ve put my F/F novella, Graphite & Glitter, on sale for just 99 cents at all outlets through the end of the month. Links for your buying convenience:


Also, to cap off its 10th anniversary celebration, Dreamspinner Press is offering 30% off everything through the end of the month. And—just in case you didn’t know—if you buy the paperback from Dreamspinner, you get the ebook for free! Links to my Dreamspinner titles:

Unfortunate Son (Sons: Book 1): Ebook || Paperback
Wayward Son (Sons: Book 2): Ebook || Paperback
Nobody’s Son (Sons: Book 3): Ebook || Paperback
“Sons and Brothers” (Sons: Epilogue)
Sand & Water: Ebook || Paperback
Accidental Fall
En Fuego
Model Student
“Ice Cream Dreams” (All in a Day’s Work anthology): Ebook || Paperback
Home Field Advantage (Playing Ball anthology): Ebook || Paperback
“The Cabin on the Hill”
“Of Holiday Spirits, Wake-Up Calls, and Happily Ever Afters”
“Sharing Christmas”

Happy shopping!

New Contract: Wayward Son (Sons Book 2)

For those who missed my celebration on social media, I’ve just signed the contract for Wayward Son, to be published in May/June 2015 by Dreamspinner Press.  This will be my third (!!!) novel and is the second in the Sons series, the sequel to Unfortunate Son, which releases on January 12, 2015. Wayward Son is also my first novel-length ménage (M/M/M) story.

Here is the (very, very preliminary blurb):

After his move to Atlanta and away from the influence of his conservative parents, Mikey O’Malley finally feels free to be himself: art student, aspiring animator, and out gay man. He has friends, a new job, and not one, but two men interested in him. Cory Lassiter and Jimmy Black have been a happy couple for years, occasionally bringing a twink into their bed, but only for a brief roll in the hay. When Mikey meets the pair, the attraction is immediate, and it runs three ways. Mikey just can’t believe they’d have room in their lives for a permanent addition.

When Mikey’s newfound life is shattered by a lawsuit that accuses him of molesting a child years earlier, Mikey’s determined to face his troubles on his own, but Cory and Jimmy are just as determined that he not have to go it alone. To reconcile his need for independence and his desire for love, Mikey has to learn that being a man isn’t just about standing on your own two feet. It’s about letting yourself lean on the ones who love you.

Now: on to book 3! 🙂

My Favorites of 2013

I spent part of my (very, very slow) last day at the dayjob for the year working on a list of favorites for the year. Because I’m perpetually behind on my TBR list and I don’t always keep close track of what was published when, these are stories that I read for the first time during 2013, not necessarily ones first published during 2013 (though most of them were). In the case of series, I read at least two books of the series during 2013. I’ve linked to the publisher site where possible (Dreamspinner’s having a sale!), and for series, I’ve linked to either the author’s series page or the first book to get you started.

(Also, don’t assume that if a book is listed but not the story that I didn’t like the story. For one thing, I had to stop SOMEwhere, but also, some favorite covers are for books that are still on my TBR list!)

Bound: Forget Me Knot—H.B. Pattskyn
Collars & Cuffs series—K.C. Wells
Golden Collar series—Grace R. Duncan
Grumble Monkey and the Department Store Elf—B.G. Thomas
Heart of Stone—Ari McKay
Lang Downs series—Ariel Tachna
Love Lessons—Heidi Cullinan
Love, Like Water—Rowan Speedwell
Painting Fire on the Air—J.P. Barnaby
Scrap Metal—Harper Fox
Storm Season—Nessa L. Warin

Fitting In—Silvia Violet
The Hot Floor—Josephine Myles
Tag Team—SJD Peterson

Lumberjack in Love—Penny Watson
Lucky Harbor series—Jill Shalvis
Take Me Home—Inez Kelley

Collide—J.R. Lenk

Book Covers
All published during 2013 (for series, at least two books published during 2013). 

Paul Richmond: Bad Idea, Evolution, Grumble Monkey and the Department Store Elf, Guards of Folsom series
Kanaxa: Love Lessons
Jordan Taylor and L.C. Chase: Market Garden series
Pride Media: Painting Fire on the Air
Anne Cain: Raining Men


My Favorites of 2012

I was going to get all fancy with this and give reviews and kudos and all that, but things kind of came to a head all at once the past couple of weeks, so I’m keeping it simple. Here’s a list of the favorite things I read and the best book covers I saw in 2012 (all books published this year). I’ve included a link for each author and/or book,  so you can find any you might have missed.

(Do keep in mind that I have yet to read several well-regarded books, mainly some I have in paperback. I’ve been having problems with my wrists that make it painful to hold a hard-copy book for any length of time, so those are taking me some time to work through!)

Aaron—J.P. Barnaby
Burning It Down—Christopher Koehler
Campus Visit—Stella Huerto
A Cowboy’s Heart—J.M. Snyder
Ethan, Who Loved Carter—Ryan Loveless
Frat Boy and Toppy—Anne Tenino
Inherit the Sky/Chase the Stars—Ariel Tachna
Knitting series—Amy Lane
Mountain series—P.D. Singer
The Nothingness of Ben—Brad Boney
One True Thing/One Small Thing–Piper Vaughn & M.J. O’Shea
Paradox—Chris Quinton
Red+Blue—A.B. Gayle
Seattle series—Con Riley
Speechless—Kim Fielding
Technically Dead—Tia Fielding
Wake Me Up Inside—Cardeno C.

3—Jacob Z. Flores

The Rancher and the Rock Star—Lizbeth Selvig

Book Covers
I’ve mentioned it elsewhere, but I’m a big fan of book covers that break the romance mold. While I have nothing against bare-torsoed hot men, I generally prefer something different. That’s mostly what you’ll see here. 🙂

Cover credits
Shobana Appavu: Naked Tails, Sidecar, Tattoos & Teacups, Technically Dead
Anne Cain: The Cool Part of His Pillow, Saving Sean, Speechless
DWS Photography: 3
Pride Media: Aaron
Jordan Taylor: Dark Soul Vol. 1


>Seven Questions With Mickie B. Ashling

>Loving Edits
By Mickie B. Ashling
Paperback & eBook, Dreamspinner Press, June 14, 2010

Let’s start with the basics: what’s your new book about, and how can readers get their hands on it?

My latest novel is a m/m/m romance about three men in crisis. Don’t let the blurb scare you [full blurb on the Dreamspinner website].

Loving Edits celebrates the joys and sorrows of true love while exploring the human spirit. When bestselling novelist Mick Henley contacts his editor and former lover, Paul Alcott, after a seven-year absence, hearing Mick’s voice reinforces what Paul has known all along—he still loves Mick—but his hopes are dashed when he learns Mick is in a loving relationship with Tono Garat. Mick soon reveals he’s been diagnosed with a fatal disease, and Paul and Tono must figure out if they can overcome their differences to provide the loving support necessary to sustain the man they love.

How did you get started writing fiction?

I had a mother who was a voracious reader. She always had a book in her hand, and it was a natural thing for me to gravitate toward her favorite pastime. English and literature were favorite subjects in school, and my vivid imagination just made for a great combination.

How much time do you spend writing—by the day, week, month, however you define it?

I write every day from 3:00 A.M. to 5:30 A.M. Then I get ready for my day job. I never take a break from my schedule, even when I’m on vacation. If nothing new comes to mind, I edit. I’m one of those lucky people who can survive on five hours of sleep.

What’s the most challenging part of the writing process for you?

Finding the perfect words for what I want to say. For instance, it’s always difficult to come up with fresh and different ways to describe a sex scene. There are certain key words that are used to death in this genre (m/m), and I find it challenging to come up with variations of the same.

What comes easiest?

Plotting. I never seem to run out of ideas. Having four sons is very helpful when you’re writing about men. Our conversations usually start with my question and their reply which goes like this. “Eww, don’t ask me that” or “Promise you won’t put this in a book” or “You want to know how to say WHAT in a different way?” It’s always fun to hear the shock, followed by the burst of laughter. I’m amazed I get anything done, but I must say that they have been very helpful with all the ick questions I throw at them.

How do you write, physically speaking? Longhand, laptop, desktop, inside or out, at a desk, comfy chair, in bed?

I use a desktop when I’m at home and a laptop when I’m traveling. I never write in longhand anymore. I can’t write as fast as I create, and it’s frustrating , not to mention difficult, to read my own scribble once I get done. I love computers. They’ve made a huge difference in the way I write. There’s nothing more exciting to me than filling up a blank screen.

Do you write just one story at time, or do you usually have several works in progress?

One at a time. I can’t move on to the next project until the one I’m working on is completed, edited, and submitted. Even after that, I’m on tenterhooks until I get word that it’s under contract. Then I can relax and start on a new story.

What are your long-term goals as a writer?

Quitting my day job is something I dream about. I want to have more time to write, so I’m working toward that goal. As for the actual writing, I enjoy reading historical fiction but have never attempted that genre. I’d love to try my hand at it someday. And who doesn’t dream of the movie deal? That’s the ultimate fantasy for a writer, isn’t it?

Find Mickie on LiveJournal and at her website.