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Without even realizing it at first, I reached one of my writing goals for the year this week. Well, they were more “general guidelines of what I’d like to do,” but one was to publish six stories, of any length. My August novel release will be my fifth, and I’m still hopeful that I’ll have at least one holiday-season story. (If ever finish writing them.)

Then Dreamspinner put out a call to current authors for a special promotional event, and my submission was accepted. It’ll be a freebie, but that’s fine; it’s still going to be published. So that’s six! Go me!

(As an aside, that also gives me at least one publication every other month this year through October. And if one of the Christmas stories is accepted, it’ll be every other month all year. Maybe next year my goal should be to get published in at least one “odd” month.)

4 Kisses for Never Say Never

Michele at Michele ‘n Lisa Reviews gave the Never Say Never anthology 4 Kisses and had some great things to say about my contribution, “Stripped.” A little snippet:

Just wait till you get to the hotel scene. Holy Hot Cakes! Grab your ice water first.

Thanks, Michele! 🙂

Brief Encounters Reviews “The Cabin on the Hill”

Jenre at Brief Encounters has given “The Cabin on the Hill” a lovely review. A sampling:

… the whole story is handled with a light, gentle touch and I finished it feeling not only that I’d read something engaging and fun, but also that I was optimistic about the relationship between these men working in the long term.

Thanks, Jenre!

Sold! “Chicago” + Uniform Appeal

I’m happy to announce that my short story “Chicago” will appear in the Dreamspinner Press First Time for Everything Daily Dose Set, to be released in June.

Tonight, I’m reviewing final galleys for my story “Discovering Columbus,” which is part of the Uniform Appeal anthology, set for release on April 11. There’s cover art, too, check it out!

Uniform Appeal Anthology


>My cop short “Discovering Columbus” has been accepted for Dreamspinner Press’s Uniform Appeal anthology. Release date is April 11. 🙂

>Release Day! Yes, again!

>My short story “The Cabin on the Hill” is now available from Dreamspinner Press! A blurb to whet your appetite:

Jesse hadn’t planned for anything more than a break from the noise and heat of Atlanta when he returned to the cabin he rented each year in the Smoky Mountains – but that was before he met Eli, the handsome man renting the other side of the cabin. Eli’s plans to mix a little hiking with his relaxation match Jesse’s perfectly, and before long the two men are sharing more than just a wall and a view. Jesse’s not one to let an opportunity like this pass him by, though it remains to be seen whether the weekend encounter can turn into something more permanent.


>Release Day!

>Silver Publishing’s Never Say Never Anthology is out today, with my story “Stripped” along with stories from RJ Scott, BG Thomas, and Xavier Axelson. Check it out! Ebook || Print || Kindle

>Coming soon: "Stripped" + "The Cabin on the Hill"

>Silver Publishing’s Never Say Never Valentine’s Day anthology is now up on the coming soon page. The collection of four stories includes my short story “Stripped,” my first publication with Silver. Release date is Saturday, February 12!

Also, my short story “The Cabin on the Hill” is now up on the coming soon page at Dreamspinner. Release date for this one is Wednesday, February 16!

>And… done!

>This morning I finished the first draft of my first novel (originally my NaNo project). I still have a long way to go, of course, but it’s such a relief to have finished the story! Plus it gave me something to mark off my “bucket list.” (Writing a novel is separate on that list from getting said novel published, because I’m a bit of a smart-aleck, if you haven’t figured that out already.)

I’m working on a second draft now and heading full-tilt into the revisions phase, but I’ll be taking some time to work on other projects, too. Switching gears is always a bit of a challenge!

>"Never Say Never" anthology cover art

>Just got the beautiful cover art for Silver Publishing’s “Never Say Never” Valentine’s Day anthology, which will include my story “Stripped.” Release date is February 12, 2011.