Butt Pirates are Coming Soon!

Butt Pirate in Space CoverYes, you’re reading that title right. Butt Pirates in Space (yes, you should read that as “IN SPAAAACE!”) is a new anthology coming later this week from MLR Press. It includes my short story “What to Expect When Your Boyfriend Is Expecting.” Yes, it’s MPREG… well, sort of.

The blurb:

A year after his arrival on the planet Lalande with a group of Earth scientists, Zeke’s had a lot of adjustment to do. He sure never expected to fall in love with a Lalandian, much less for Zeph to end up pregnant. And just about the time Zeke gets used to that idea, their unborn child draws the attention of more than just the scientific community. When kidnappers strike in the form of a band of privateers, Zeke has to put all his wits to work to outsmart them and reunite his family.

The anthology itself came out of a kind of crazy panel at Outlantacon last year, and we’ll be having a follow-up panel and release party at Outlantacon this year. Kage Alan is already insisting that, next year, we go for butt ninjas.

Those sneaky bastards.

3 responses to “Butt Pirates are Coming Soon!

  1. I think I need to pick up a copy based on the title alone…

  2. No, no. The tagline for the Butt Ninjas antho will be “You’ll never hear them coming!”