Projects and Planning

A few running updates from around these here parts…

I’m working on deadline to finish a short story for one publisher and a novella for another, due two weeks apart in May. Eep. I haven’t done much deadline (fiction) writing, so this is a new experience. So far, so good. *crosses fingers*

I’ll be in Chicago twice in six weeks, once for a publisher event and once for Memorial Day weekend (which is also the weekend of the International Mr. Leather event and the Grabbys). Looking forward to seeing all sorts of folks on both trips!

In between those two trips will be Outlantacon/Gaylaxicon, which is the first weekend in May. We’ll be debuting the Butt Pirates in Space anthology (MLR Press), which includes my short story “What to Expect When Your Boyfriend Is Expecting.” (Yes, I wrote MPREG. Sort of.) Other authors in the anthology are Kiernan Kelly, Kage Alan, T.C. Blue, and Angelia Sparrow. Links and other info coming soon…

Lots more stuff coming up, too, once all of that is off my plate! 🙂

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