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Release Day! Advent Calendar 2011

Today is release day for the stories in Dreamspinner’s 2001 Advent Calendar set, I’ll Be Home for Christmas. Included is my short story, “Of Holiday Spirits, Wake-Up Calls, and Happily Ever Afters.” (The title is almost as long as the story!)

You can buy any of the stories in the set individually or the full set at a discount.

Enjoy, and happy December! 🙂

Six Sentence Sunday: The Christmas Spirit

Jumping into the Six Sentence Sunday fray with a sample from the Christmas-themed story I just finished, titled “The Christmas Spirit.”

I follow Cord’s gaze, and just a few yards away, at the dark edge of the dance floor, I finally see myself. I’ve got my hands in the back pockets of some guy whose name I don’t know, with another body pressed up behind me. This time I can’t remember what happened next. Neither of the men looks familiar, and it’s at that moment I realize how few of the men I’ve bedded—or walled, or chaired, or whatever—have been memorable enough for me to recall their names, much less their faces. Stick it in a hole long enough to get off; that’s been enough for me.

Suddenly it doesn’t seem like enough anymore, and I’m ashamed to watch myself doing it.