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Missing Person, Now Found!

Well, hi there. It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? No, I’m not dead or anything. It’s just the holidays! 🙂

I’ve been having a busy December so far. The first weekend was spent in New York, seeing a play and visiting with friends (including fellow Dreamspinner author Rachel West, who is awesome!). Yesterday, my sister/roommate and I had a Christmas party, which was a lot of fun but a LOT of work. The nicest part may end up being that our apartment is now clean and decorated for Christmas, and we still have a couple of weeks to enjoy it!

In writing news, I haven’t been doing much (because: see previous paragraph), but I’m going to be getting back to it this week. I have a fandom project, a new commission project, and a NaNo project to finish. Not to mention a long list of “stories in progress,” and some galley proofs on the next novella coming soon! Plus one of my holiday stories is out and the other comes on the 22nd, and I’ll be doing a couple of blog visits for those.

Now, let’s see if I can manage not to disappear for so long again any time soon… 🙂

I’m at Cup o’Porn Today

I’m whining for Wednesday over at Cup o’Porn today. Come on by and whine along! (And get a bonus NaNo snippet too!)

View From My Balcony On A Perfect Day

Home Again, Galleys, and Plotbunny Attacks

My weekend away turned out to be a bit of a rollercoaster, starting with traffic backups and the wifi at the lodge working only intermittently (and never in my room). But I slept and rested a lot, did some reading and writing, and ate hand-dipped chocolate-covered fruit, so all is right with the world.

I got home on Monday to find galleys for Sand and Water waiting for me, so I’ll be going over those for the next few days. So excited! Cover art should be ready soon too. Of course I’ll share that as soon as I can. 🙂

I had a plotbunny (he gave his name as Andrew) attack over the weekend, and it seems to be growing into a whole universe. A trilogy, perhaps. Maybe more. It’d be nice if the world-building part kept rolling out but the actual story-writing part would hold off until I get some more done on the other main projects!

Cover Art and Long Weekends

I’m excited about the progress of the cover art for my upcoming novel release, Sand and Water. The drafts have been gorgeous, and I think we’ve settled on a final design. As soon as I get the go-ahead, I’ll be sharing, of course!!

I’m also lucky to have a long weekend coming up. I’m off Monday for Independence Day, plus we get an early release tomorrow. I’m driving up to north Georgia to play tourist a little and spend a couple of nights at a state park lodge. (And eat chocolate! There’s a great local candy store up there.)

My plan is to rest, read, and write. I have a fanfic bigbang project to finish revising, and multiple original stories in various stages of completion, as usual. I’m also judging a writing competition, so I’ll be diving in those stories, and I have several new books to read, including the latest from my friend Barbara Wallace.

And yes, I will have internet access! No idea how reliable it’ll be, but even a rustic lodge at a small state park has wifi. Heck, I bet the primitive campsites have it!

Help Write Now: Come Over and Bid!

I’m participating in the Help Write Now auction to benefit the victims of last week’s killer tornado outbreak in the Southeast. I’m offering a full manuscript beta/critique, with an optional phone or Skype chat to discuss. Come on over and get in your bids! 🙂

A Plea on Behalf of My Neighbors

I’m putting this part up front. Whether you read my ramblings or not, please, please donate to tornado disaster relief. As with other recent fund-raising efforts, there are several ways you can easily donate $10.

West Alabama Food Bank: text FOOD to 27722
The United Way Central Alabama: text TORNADO to 50555
American Red Cross: text REDCROSS to 90999
Salvation Army: text GIVE to 80888

The Alabama governor’s office has set up a website for donations here. If you can volunteer to go in and help with cleanup, especially if you have specific skills, you can register here and will be contacted as needed. (I did.) Editing to add one more site: Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa has information on sending supplies directly, including locations in different states.

I’ll also repeat something I said elsewhere: If you ever said “take care of our own first,” especially about the Japan earthquake, but haven’t done anything for tornado victims, then shut your damn trap.

Now, for the rest of the post.

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Shut It Down

My “day job” is working for the federal government. I’m considered “nonessential,” so if no budget is passed by Monday morning, I’ll be furloughed, without pay, until there’s a deal.

(I don’t like the term “nonessential.” It makes it sound like our jobs are meaningless, and that’s not true. It just means sending us home isn’t going to endanger anyone in the short term. No one will die if some research papers don’t get edited for a while.)

For me personally, a furlough isn’t a huge problem in the short term. I have some cushion, some savings, so I’d be fine for a little while, at least. If a shutdown stretched into the 21 days that the last one did, things would get dicey, even if we’re given back pay at the end of it.

My sister (also my roommate) works as a government contractor. Some contractors will be allowed to take leave time if there’s a shutdown (direct employees will not), but she doesn’t have any available right now. She wouldn’t get paid for any furlough time.

Now, we’re on the high end of the scale. I can cover for my sister in the short term. We have money in the bank, available credit, and plenty of food, plus she just got her tax refund, and I have two royalty payments coming later in the month.

The worst thing about the shutdown is the situation with the military. Active duty troops would keep right on working, in many cases fighting, but they wouldn’t get paid until a budget is passed. Meanwhile, Congressional pay is mandatory, so they’d get paid to keep squabbling.

Sigh. I didn’t mean to get all political here. Long story short, if we get furloughed, I’m going to spend the time writing. It doesn’t pay as well as the day job, but it’s certainly better than nothing.