Cover Art and Long Weekends

I’m excited about the progress of the cover art for my upcoming novel release, Sand and Water. The drafts have been gorgeous, and I think we’ve settled on a final design. As soon as I get the go-ahead, I’ll be sharing, of course!!

I’m also lucky to have a long weekend coming up. I’m off Monday for Independence Day, plus we get an early release tomorrow. I’m driving up to north Georgia to play tourist a little and spend a couple of nights at a state park lodge. (And eat chocolate! There’s a great local candy store up there.)

My plan is to rest, read, and write. I have a fanfic bigbang project to finish revising, and multiple original stories in various stages of completion, as usual. I’m also judging a writing competition, so I’ll be diving in those stories, and I have several new books to read, including the latest from my friend Barbara Wallace.

And yes, I will have internet access! No idea how reliable it’ll be, but even a rustic lodge at a small state park has wifi. Heck, I bet the primitive campsites have it!

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