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>Updates, get your updates …


  • I’m offering a free copy each of Model Student and “Sharing Christmas” through Santa Authors 2010 at Reviews by Jessewave.
  • I’m also auctioning off free copies of all three of my Dreamspinner stories (“The Cabin on the Hill” will be out in February) through The Purple Dove Project.
  • I’m currently reviewing initial edits of “Stripped” for Silver Publishing (out in February as part of their Valentine’s Day set).
  • The novel in progress (my NaNo project) crossed the 70,000-word mark last night. I’m now estimating around 80,000 for the final word count on the first draft, which I hope to have finished by  mid-January latest.
  • Most of the rest of my time is going into finishing up some fanfiction projects right now, but after the novel, I’ll be diving back into my in-progress original fiction folder!

>NaNo: Goal #2 Met!

>Today I crossed the 60,000-word mark on NaNo. That was my secondary goal, after the base 50k required to “win” NaNo.

Final goal: finish the book! I doubt that’ll be 100% done by the end of the month, not with only 2 days left. But I’m hopeful that I can finish a first draft by the end of the year, and maybe even get into revisions. My current estimate is around 70k to finish, but that’s been fluctuating a lot as I go. It depends on how chatty the guys get!

>NaNo: WON!

>Just crossed the 50k mark! The story isn’t finished, and I’m still hoping to get to at least 60k before the end of the month, but the official word count is DONE! Go me!

>NaNo: Closing in …

>Broke the 45k mark on my NaNo project today. Hoping to get in the last words tomorrow, so everything after that will be gravy. Appropriately! 🙂

>NaNo: 40k and counting!

>Crossed the elusive 40k barrier today and made it all the way to 41k before my momentum ran out. That was a very tough scene to write, and it’s still going to need some revision in later stages. But the main points are in there, so I can move on. 🙂

My next goal is to hit 50k by the end of the weekend. That will leave me a solid week to try to get to my own goal of 60k. I don’t think that’ll finish the story, but we’ll see how it goes!

>NaNo: Pushing Forward

>Hit 36k today before I hit the wall. I’ll try to eke out the other 4k tomorrow for my 40k goal, but I’m not too concerned about it. I’ve got quite a buffer built up, and the biggest scenes still to go. I’ll be fine. 🙂

>NaNo: Breaking Through

>So far, so good on the writing retreat. Nearly 10,000 words my first full day, bringing me up to 30,300 words total. Still shooting for 40k by weekend’s end.

It’s beautiful in North Carolina. Think I’ll sit in the sun by the lake tomorrow to write. 🙂

>NaNo: Breaking Barriers

>Got it over 20k! 20,200 words. Let’s see if I can double that by Sunday. 🙂

>NaNo Day Nine: Ahead of the Curve

>I got down about another 1,400 words last night, bringing me up to 19,670 words total. I’m still ahead on word count for now, but I’m not expecting to get much done the next two days, between working and getting ready for my weekend trip. Starting Thursday evening, though, writing will be my main focus, and I hope to hit at least 40,000 words by the time I go to bed Saturday night. Having limited internet access will probably help on that front!

>NaNo Week Two: Travel and Write

>I’m surprised at how much writing I got done over the weekend. We had a pretty packed-full schedule, but with two other NaNo-ers on the trip, we managed to get some time in here and there. Current word count: 18,230.

My writing retreat trip is this coming weekend. Three-day workweek and then it’s write write write!