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>NaNo Day Whatever: Writer’s cramp

>I wrote longhand today for the first time in, um, a very long time. Between the airport and the airplane, I wrote about 3,100 words, which I typed in partly while waiting for my ride in Chicago and partly after I got back to my hotel room late last night. That brings me up to a total of 14,850 words.

When I first started, I was pretty worried about whether I’d have enough story to get me to 50,000 words, much less my secondary goal of 60,000 words. I’m now 25% to the latter goal, and I’m probably not that far into the story. So I think I’m gonna be just fine. 🙂

>NaNo Day Three, Part Two: Breakthrough!

>Got past 10k! I’m at 11,450 now. (I also wrote about 800 words of timeline/outline notes, but I’m not going to count that unless I end up with 49,200 words or something. Hee.)

I expect the next few days to be pretty sparse. I’m taking my laptop on my trip this weekend, but writing time will probably be limited to airports. Never seems to work well on the plane, and I don’t expect to have any free time during the visit itself. I’ll be okay anyway, since I’m close to the minimum seven-day word count already!

>NaNo Day Three: Chugging Along

>I got up early again, although not quite as early as the past two days. Got down a few hundred words, which added to the ones from last night puts me at 8,715 total. I’m hoping to break 10,000 tomorrow, if not tonight.

I’m resisting the urge to go back and add/revise. I know the earlier parts are going to need more description than I’m giving (I haven’t even clearly described the main characters yet!), but that can wait until the story is done. I’m pretty sure I’ll get to 50k without that, and maybe even to my secondary 60k goal.

Off to the day job!

>NaNo Day Two: Another Early Morning

>I like this early morning thing: 1,430 today, bringing me to 6,820 in two days. If I kept up that pace, I’d be done with NaNo (by official word count) sometime the middle of next week. This is not going to happen, of course. LOL

Next week, I’ll be taking a long weekend and going up to the mountains for a few days. Just me and my laptop, limited internet access, and a lot of calm and quiet. I’m hoping to get about 20,000 words down then.

I should also note that all these word counts I’m throwing around are going to be estimates. So please don’t check my math; it’ll just give you a headache. 😀

>NaNo Day One: Done!

>Final word count for today: 5,385. It’s flowing pretty well so far. Plus the characters are turning out to be talktative, which is a big help with word count!

I’m going to try the wake-up-at-6AM thing again tomorrow. It probably won’t last (I love sleeping late), but I’ll take it as long as it lasts, especially if it keeps the word count going. It’s always helpful to have a few extra days’ worth in the bank for when you’re too busy or too brain-dead to write. 🙂

>NaNo is a GO!

>I woke up at 6 this morning to try to get in my NaNo word count before work. I’m shooting for 2,000 words a day instead of the 1,667 required to get to 50,000 words, in part because I know I’ll have some days I won’t have much time (if any), and in part because I have a secondary goal to reach 60,000 words.

This morning, I wrote 3,300 words in just under an hour. With the 200 words I had pre-written, I’ve already introduced five characters and had the two main characters meet for the first time. Not too shabby!