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Blog Tour: In the Absence of Monsters by J.P. Barnaby

In the Absence of Monsters Behind the Scenes
An Interview with Jake Driver

A year ago, this past October, I met saw Jake Driver at Atlanta Pride. He hung out with the other guys, but I really didn’t have much interaction with him. I knew he’d been there because I had a picture of him, but we didn’t talk. A few months later, we struck up a conversation on Twitter, and I really looked at his Twitter avi. I remember actually reaching out to touch the screen, because after years of wondering, I’d finally seen Master Ethan. We became friends over the intervening year, and when I flew down for the RWA National Convention in July of 2013, we had dinner together. Spending a few hours in his company made me realize that I wanted nothing more than to not only continue writing Master Ethan, but I wanted this man on the cover. I had no idea how I’d accomplish either of those tasks, but eventually, it happened. Wilde City approached me about reissuing the series with them, and my good friend Gio Caruso would happen to be in Atlanta for pride. It seemed destined that I’d be able to continue the series with my Master Ethan at the helm.

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