Recommended: Bend or Break Series

Another in my occasional series of recommendations for books/series. Disclaimer: Just because I don’t mention a certain book/series/author doesn’t mean anything bad! These will simply be ones that really stand out, usually ones that get regular re-reads.

My first encounter (that I remember) with author Amy Jo Cousins was being jointly recruited to write for a workplace-themed anthology for Dreamspinner Press. About the time All in a Day’s Work was published, I started hearing about this book called Off Campus that she had written for Samhain Publishing. Well, Amy Jo being the awesome person that she is, she slipped me an eARC, and I devoured the hell out of it. And then the sequel, Nothing Like Paris. And though I forced myself to wait until I finished the draft of Nobody’s Son, as soon as I was free, I gobbled up The Girl Next Door. (Oh, CASH. *happy sigh*)

(Yes, yes, The Girl Next Door is M/F, but you’ll already be in love with Cash after reading Off Campus, and Steph is all kinds of fabulous, and the sex, including a M/F/M threesome, is ultra-hot.)

And there are MORE BOOKS coming. OMG. (Level Hands will be next up, in August.)

Let’s just say I’m a total Amy Jo fangirl now. 😀

Even if the books weren’t awesome—which they totally are—just the cover art would be enough to make me take a look at them. I mean, really, check out this lineup:


Kanaxa’s work is amazing.

So: Read this series. I have helpfully provided linkage to the first three books below. 😉

Off Campus

Nothing Like Paris

The Girl Next Door


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