Updates and A Look Ahead

1. Nobody’s Son, book 3 in the Sons series, is complete and in beta. After revisions, I plan to have the final version to Dreamspinner by mid-June. Release date will be late in the year (probably November). There’ll also be a short “coda” to the series coming, a freebie slated for New Year’s Eve. It’s my primary writing project right now.

2. My next story for Dreamspinner will likely be what I call “football boys,” about high school seniors and best friends who become boyfriends and then have to weather an on the field injury. It’s about half written, and I want to finish it this year.

3. I’ll also be working on a “crossover” series, one that includes more than just m/m pairings. If I finish all five stories that are on the list, it’ll include m/f and f/f. I don’t know yet if these will be novels or novellas; they’re still in development. And I don’t know yet where I’ll look to publish them.

4. I’ll have another short story coming later this year for the next butt-thology, Butt Villains on Vacation. I probably won’t tackle that until after my sister’s wedding in October, though.

5. I have several other projects on the back burner: a shifter story (OMG worldbuilding!); two possible sequels to the football book; a puppy play novella; a standalone m/f “category”-type romance (aka “a book my mother will read”); a holiday-themed package of previously published stories with two other authors; a set of Christmas stories for next year. One thing that is never a problem for me is having enough ideas. 🙂

6. My tentative travel plans for 2016 include attending both the RT and RWA conventions, so if you’ll be in Las Vegas in April or San Diego in July, I’d love to see you. 😀

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