Playing Ball: Excerpt from Home Field Advantage


It’s almost here! The Playing Ball anthology releases next Wednesday, September 25, and we’re really excited for everyone to get a look at our stories. My story, Home Field Advantage, is about Toby, the grandson of a team owner, and Caleb, a ballplayer who’s just arrived in the major leagues. In this excerpt, after a single night together, the two have decided to try to build a friendship instead.


Sunday was…. Well. After it was over, Toby felt like he’d been through a war. Three hit by pitches, one on-field brawl, six ejections, and on top of it all, the Braves lost. Good thing it was a getaway day and the team headed for the airport almost as soon as it was over. Toby had seen the aftermath in the clubhouse from a game like that, and it wasn’t pretty.

As it was, the mess the disgruntled players left in their wake took a good half hour longer than usual to clean up. If they hadn’t had a ten-day road trip ahead of them, it would’ve been even worse. Thank the baseball gods that the clubhouse staff had plenty of time to restock and reset for the team’s return, so Toby just made his usual towel-and-trash rounds and headed home.

He found a note stuck under the windshield wiper of his car. Frowning, Toby pulled it free and slid inside before opening it.

Hotel rooms on the road are bad enough with a roommate. Looks like I’ll be on my own for this trip, so I could use a friendly voice to talk to. Give me a call if you want.

Underneath Caleb’s name was his number, though Toby already had it from Caleb’s call earlier in the week. Toby smiled. Maybe this friendship thing could work out after all.

Instead of calling, he pulled out his phone and sent Caleb a text message: Got your note. Call or text anytime. My schedule’s light with school out and the team on the road.

His phone buzzed before he got out of the parking lot. He glanced down to read it before he pulled out onto the street.

Will do. Plane’s about to take off. See you when we’re back.

Toby smiled again and drove off into the dusk.


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PlayingBallORIG“The one constant through all the years… has been baseball.”—Field of Dreams

Baseball, America’s Pastime, carries with it a mythology like no other sport, entwined with the ups and downs of the nation. In Playing Ball, authors Shae Connor, Kerry Freeman, Marguerite Labbe, and Kate McMurray explore the love for baseball and among the men who play it, from the 1920s through modern times. These four stories tell the tales of baseball men who find love off the field, whether with the heir to a baseball empire, a sports reporter, a fan, or even each other, after their playing careers come to an end.

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