Accidental Love, Now Coming Soon!

My next release, the M/M college roommates novella Accidental Love, is now coming soon at Amber Allure! Part of the Hot College Daze series, it’ll be out on Sunday, February 5. Yay!

Have a gander at the blurb:

College roommates Greg and Keith are polar opposites when it comes to relationships. Greg equates sex with the alcohol and drugs he gave up, while Keith protects his heart by keeping sex strictly casual. At first, neither Greg nor Keith realizes the other is gay, but once they get to know each other better, they feel drawn together, and their developing attraction makes each of them reevaluate his stance on relationships.

Keith starts out thinking he only wants a roommates-with-benefits arrangement, something more than his usual weekend flings but still casual, yet soon he begins to feel more for Greg. Greg’s afraid of what he’s feeling because he has trouble mentally separating sex from the other bad habits that had nearly ruined his life.

Greg’s fears leave him spooked by an impromptu kiss following a game of one-on-one basketball, but that’s nothing compared with how he feels after a dinner date ends with the two men having sex. To help bring Greg back from the edge, Keith opens up his heart, but will it be enough to allow them to move forward together?

2 responses to “Accidental Love, Now Coming Soon!

  1. I can’t wait for this release!! Love the college stories 🙂