Six Sentence Sunday: Christening

My Six Sentence Sunday this week is from a super-short freebie coming up as part of a promotion in a couple of months. Enjoy!

Adrian curled an arm up and ran his fingers into Tucker’s hair. He hit a tangle, looked down, and laughed when he realized it was a blob of paint. “Jesus, Tucker, I think you got as much on you as on the wall.”

Tucker turned his head, propping his chin up on Adrian’s chest. He grinned and raised that eyebrow again. “Lucky for me, I have a boyfriend who loves helping me get clean after a hot, sweaty workout.”

(Embarrassment of the day: misspelling my own name in the links list. Ack.)

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5 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday: Christening

  1. Sexy six ! nice and fun.

  2. Yes, he’s lucky indeed. Nice snippet

  3. Now, that’s a mess I wouldn’t mind helping clean up! Great six! 🙂

  4. Monica Enderle Pierce

    You’ve written these guys so real and so sweet. What a charming snippet!

  5. Ooh, saucy! Great snippet!