Six Sentence Sunday: Sand & Water

Missed last week because I was traveling and internet-less, but back for this week’s Six Sentence Sunday with a paragraph from my upcoming first novel, Sand & Water.

Bryan’s fingers brushed over the light stubble along John’s jaw, and his thumb rubbed the edge of John’s chin. The light touches sent tingles across John’s skin, raising goosebumps like a cool breeze on a warm day. His body wanted more, the desire and arousal inside him begging to be set free, but he tamped it down. Slow and steady, he told himself. This feels amazing. Enjoy every moment.

Image: Louisa Stokes /

6 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday: Sand & Water

  1. Smooth writing. Nice.

  2. Beautiful *sigh* Looking forward to reading this book.

  3. I love “cool breeze on a summer day.” It presents a vivid image. Good writing.