Literary Nymphs Chat: First Time for Everything

The authors in Dreamspinner’s First Time for Everything Daily Dose Set will be chatting this weekend at the Literary Nymphs Yahoo group. We’ll have excerpts and info and all sorts of things!

The set is available for preorder at $49.99 through May 25, and you’ll receive a story every day for the month of June. Individual story sales start June 1. My story “Chicago” is included:

Darren Lowell and Nathan Thomas are at loose ends in the Windy City. Darren came to visit his boyfriend, but after one too many insults, he dumped the conceited jerk and is taking some time to clear his head. Nathan just left the military and has a few days free before settling down into civilian life and beginning the job-search grind. A chance meeting in a hotel lobby that progresses into a spectacular night will make Chicago a whole lot more interesting for them both. Chicago may not just be a brief stop on their journeys—it could be the starting point for a passionate new future.

Hope to see you chatting!

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