>Review: Everything Under the Sun by Rachel West

>Everything Under the Sun
by Rachel West
eBook, Dreamspinner Press, May 2010

Seth or Alex? Nineteen-year-old Chris has a choice to make—past versus present, old flame versus new—and it’s tougher than it seems. In her first novel, West has drawn three strong, sympathetic main characters, making the reader’s choice as difficult as Chris’s. Backed by an equally strong supporting cast, the three men navigate their way through physical intimacy and emotional timebombs, leading to an ending that leaves the reader with lingering sadness for the odd man out but just as thrilled with the final couple as they are with each other. And let’s not forget the sex, which is amazing, sensual and hot, with an astounding depth of feeling (whether good or bad) underlying the pure physicality.

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  1. >Thank you so much, Shae! What a fabulous review. I'm so happy you liked it!