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One Does Not Simply GO to @DragonCon


Well, once again it’s time for me to gird my loins for a week at Dragon Con. Yes, I’m well aware that Dragon Con is a four-day convention. I am a crazy person who volunteers, so I’m on site Wednesday afternoon, and I don’t schlep out of there until lunchtime in Tuesday. In between, I’ll mostly be in the Chicago Room of the Hyatt Regency or snoring into a pillow in my hotel room, though I do hope to be able to emerge into common areas and maybe catch a meal or a drink with friends here and there.

logoThis will be my ninth trip to Dragon Con, my eighth straight as a volunteer. I went for a day once in about 1998, when I was deep into fandom for “The X-Files,” but it wasn’t until 2007, after I moved back to Atlanta from my New Jersey exile, that I looked into going again. I discovered the Daily Dragon, the on-site publication, and contacted the editor, Eugie Foster, asking if she needed any volunteers. She did, as it turned out. She’d tried several people to do layout for the print issue that’s handed out each morning, but none had gotten the job done. She’d been ready to give up, but she gave me a shot… and at the end of the weekend, begged me to come back. I told her I’d be delighted. LOL

My tasks have morphed and grown over time. I now do editing work for the larger publications department, including editing guest bios and panel descriptions, and this year I helped out with some film festival editing, too. August always gets a little hectic with everything needing to be done at once—including planning and packing for the actual con!—but it’s all too much fun to give up.

I did decide to simplify things this year and forgo costuming. I’m going to stick to jeans and geeky t-shirts in the name of comfort. Plus, I usually end up in what amounts to jammies for my late-night volunteer shifts anyway. I might go for some interesting hair color to make up for the lack of costuming, though.

Despite the listing of Dragon Con on my appearances list, I won’t actually be doing anything as my author self. No panels this year, and none of my publishers are doing anything. But I’ll be there, of course, and anyone who’d like to meet up is welcome to email or tweet at me, and I’ll do my best.

Really, though, the best way to find me will be to find the Daily Dragon offices, especially after 10 p.m., and ask for Shae. Because that’s where I’m most likely to be!


Where to Find Me in 2014

Now that I’m signed up for GayRomLit, my conference schedule for 2014 is set. There are several other events I would love to attend, but I’ve had to keep things reined in due to limitations on time and money. Here’s where I’ll be this year:

RainbowCon, April 17–20, Tampa
Attending author
Panels: Author Etiquette (Thu 3pm), Author Q&A (Thu 4pm), Using Stereotypes to Your Advantage (Fri 3pm)

Outlantacon/Gaylaxicon, May 2–4, Atlanta
Panels TBD

Dragon Con, August 29–September 1, Atlanta
Daily Dragon staff; panels TBD

GayRomLit, October 16–19, Bloomingdale (Chicago)
General attendee

Monday Music: It Was All A Bit Bizarre


I’m scheduling this WELL in advance because there’s no way I’ll remember to do it the weekend before. Why? Well, because I’m at Dragon Con, of course!

Best Laid Plans and You-Never-Knows

So, I’d been planning to try to finish the novel I’m currently working on before Dragon Con, which is Labor Day weekend. Since I’m over halfway through, that should be doable, right? It’s a month away, after all.

Well, Dragon Con came calling early this year. Starting this weekend, I’m helping the publications director with the bazillion things she has to do to get the program book, pocket program, and other con publications out to the printer in time to make it to the con. I’ll still be doing my regular on-site job (or my boss, Eugie Foster, would kill someone and/or die on the spot), but the pre-con editing and such will be filling up a lot of my time before then.

This isn’t a bad thing, you understand. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do. But it does cut into my time, which means the writing needs to take a backseat temporarily. I have edits for two stories that are still in production, so those will get done, but the WIPs will just have to wait their turn.

OTOH, I’ll probably get some writing time during Dragon Con, so that’s always a bonus. 🙂

Life and Other Complications

As those of you who follow me on social media may have noticed, I’ve been off my feet for the past few days after dropping a flute case on my foot from a height of about six feet. (Protip: put on shoes before you start a whirlwind cleaning effort.) Nothing is broken, but I didn’t stay off it for the first few days after it happened, so now I’m on day three of doctor’s orders to do so. Thankfully, it’s much better now, which is good, since I have three days in the office at the EDJ starting tomorrow, and that entails a walk of about a quarter mile from parking deck to cubicle.

rainbowheartsparkleAfter that, though, I have a long weekend for Independence Day, so I’ll be able to rest up more. I can even watch fireworks right from the comfort of my sofa! LOL

I’ll also be able to spend the long weekend writing. I’m working on two main projects right now. One is a best-friends-to-lovers story about high school football players. It would be the first in a trilogy to take them through their senior year of college. All three books are generally planned out, so now all I have to do is write them. The easy part, right? HA. In an attempt to focus, though, I’ve set an initial deadline of July 15 to have a rough draft of book one, so I’ll have something to talk about (if not actually pitch) at RWA. It will probably be VERY rough, but at least it’s something!

The other story is an erotic novella based around fetish play. So since the trilogy is a sweet romance, this is pretty much a 180-degree shift. It’s based on some observations from my trip to IML in Chicago last month, but since it’s not my kink, I’ll definitely be running it by some friends who are involved in that kind of play. (I wrote the first sex scene yesterday, and boy, that thousand words went by FAST.)

Unlike a lot of authors, I always have two (occasionally more) projects going at a time. I just get too bogged down trying to work on one at a time. I try to mix things up, though—in theme, length, style, content, etc.—so they work like palate cleansers for each other. My last two submissions were a sweet contemporary romance novella and an erotic scifi short story, written mostly at the same time.

Speaking of which, those stories are both in the editing/production pipeline. The short is due out later this summer from Wilde City Press, as part of their Charlie Harding Presents line. The novella will be part of a baseball-themed anthology with Kate McMurray, Marguerite Labbe, and Kerry Freeman, coming in the fall from Dreamspinner.

As far as longer-term planning, in addition to RWA, I’ll be in attendance at Dragon*Con (of course) and GayRomLit here in Atlanta, and I plan to be at both North Georgia/Marietta Pride (last weekend in July) and Atlanta Pride (second weekend in October). I’m also on the case for 2014 already, signed up as an author for RainbowCon in Tampa and with a hotel reservation for the RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans next May. I haven’t decided for sure about RT, but it looks very likely at this point. The dates for Outlantacon aren’t final yet, so I’m hoping for no conflicts!

(Speaking of which, I had planned to go to the Folsom Street Fair against this year, because I had an amazing time in 2012. However, a family event may fall on that weekend, so it looks like I might have to miss it.)

Otherwise, well, life goes on. The EDJ is still there (and really, not particularly evil, except as jobs generally are). Family is doing well. Friends visited last weekend and we had a wonderful time. The weather is hot. Our apartment still needs work. My to-read list is extensive, and my book spending too high (not that that’s going to stop me). And it’s the last day of the quarter, so go out and buy stuff from your favorite authors so their royalty checks will be nice and fat, and they’ll keep on writing. 🙂

2012 Event Schedule

Always subject to change, but here’s what’s on the slate so far:

March 24—Rainbow Book Fair, New York, NY
I’ll be at the Dreamspinner Press table for part of the time, probably wandering around for the rest. 🙂

May 4–6—Outlantacon, Atlanta, GA
I’ll be an official guest for the first time! Panel schedules are still being worked out, but I’ll be on at least a couple.

August 31–September 3—Dragon*Con, Atlanta, GA
On staff, as usual. No official events yet, but we may put together another M/M author meetup like we did for last year.

October 18–21—GayRomLit, Albuquerque, NM
I’ll be there as an author this time around, yee-haw! 🙂

Dragon*Con, Blog Feature, and Sale!

Back home after an incredibly busy, very tiring, and hugely fun Dragon*Con weekend! I was thrilled to get to meet a bunch of other M/M authors and spend a few hours talking with them, plus the readers and others who came by to say hi. I even sold a couple of books, woo! I’ll try to get into a little more detail after I’ve had time to rest up a bit. 🙂

Of course, D*C made me a day late on this, but Lou Sylvre was nice enough to feature me at her blog yesterday. She asked some great questions, and she assured me my answers didn’t come across as fuzzy-headed as I was feeling when I wrote them up Saturday afternoon! She also has information on Sand & Water, including a couple of excerpts. Stop by and check it out!

And finally, I’m pleased to announce that Silver Publishing will be including my short story “In From The Cold” in their 25 Days of Christmas collection in December!

Dragon*Con Day One: Exhaustion? Already?

So it’s evening of the first full day of Dragon*Con, and my tailfeathers are sagging. Note to self: never plan to cook a fried chicken dinner for nine the same weekend as D*C. Fun, yes; relaxing, not so much. 🙂

I haven’t actually had a chance to get out and do much yet. I worked a shift yesterday afternoon (I’m on the Daily Dragon staff), and my houseguests and I were all moving slowly this morning, so we didn’t get back down to the convention until around noon. Checked in at the office, hit FedEx for copies, took a trip through the dealer room, grabbed some dinner, and came back to the room to rest.

In a few minutes, I’ll start getting ready for the 25th Anniversary Masked Ball, and then I’ll go straight from there to my first overnight shift. I think the heating pad will go with me. My back is already complaining.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow! Marriott 10th Floor, 1 to 3 p.m. Just look for the signs. 🙂

Next Up: Dragon*Con!

Okay, I know I’m going overboard with the Cake Wrecks love this weekend, but today’s Sunday Sweets is dedicated to Dragon*Con! And since I’m an annual attendee (and volunteer), I certainly couldn’t resist linking to that.

Also for Dragon*Con, I’ve been putting together an unofficial “meet the M/M authors” event. Information is subject to change, but for those who’ll be in downtown Atlanta this weekend, here you go:

EVENT: Meet the Authors of M/M Fiction at Dragon*Con
TIMES: 1 to 3 p.m. on Saturday, September 3, & Sunday, September 4
LOCATION: Marriott Marquis Atlanta, 10th Floor Lobby
SCHEDULED TO ATTEND: Kiernan Kelly, Silvia Violet, Adrienne Wilder, T.C. Blue, Shae Connor, B. Snow, Kerry Freeman, Kage Alan, Pearl Love, Helen Pattskyn, Nessa Warin

Buy a book, pick up swag, get an autograph, enter to win a prize, or just say hi—whatever you like, I hope some of you will be able to stop in!

Release Date Approacheth!

Busy few weeks coming up. As some of you may recall (heh), my first novel, Sand & Water, releases a week from tomorrow (August 15). I’ve got several posts planned here leading up to it. I’ll have a guest blog for Cup O’ Porn later in the week. On the 15th, I’ll be taking over the Dreamspinner Press blog and will have giveaways and snippets to share. The following Saturday, the 20th, I’ll be chatting at Dreamspinner’s Goodreads page.

In the meantime, I’m working on two submissions due next week, and another due at the end of the month. Not to mention trying to get some actual writing time! And then there’s Dragon*Con weekend, and I’m working on setting up a “meet the authors” event (or two) for several of the M/M authors who’ll be attending.

I should start buying lottery tickets again. Maybe if I win, I can hire someone to do all the ancillary things so I can just write!