Pride Month Sale! Get My F/F Novella Graphite & Glitter for Just 99 Cents

Image showing the cover of my novella Graphite & Glitter and advertising at 99-cent sale for Pride Month

Happy Pride! To celebrate, I’m offering my F/F novella Graphite & Glitter for just 99 cents all month long. The details:

All that glitters might just be gold.

Adrienne Michaels’s best friend is getting married, and Adrienne’s not feeling it on the night of the bachelorette party. Then she meets Tessa Smith, bass player for an all-female glam rock tribute band. After a one-night stand worthy of the hottest rock star fantasies, Tessa surprises Adrienne by asking her on a real date, and Adrienne soon finds Tessa’s side gig pales in comparison to the down-to-earth music geek beneath the glitter. Tessa even helps Adrienne through a family loss, but when Tessa gets a sweet job offer in another city, Adrienne has to make a choice: let her go, follow her halfway across the country—or become part of the reason for her to stay.


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