Tying Up a Loose End

I posted already on my Twitter and Facebook about this, but I’m going to be scarcer than usual for the next few months. I’ve just bought a house that needs a little work done, I’ll be moving myself and my parents (eep!), and I have two writing conferences to prep for and two stories I’m trying to finish. Not to mention the day job and the usual housekeeping/life requirements. The net result is that I’ll still be around, just less ubiquitously than I normally am.

Anyway, as part of sorting through and purging things for the move, I’ve been changing addresses on various online accounts (mostly financial) and deleting a few older accounts I no longer use. During that process, I found a couple of merchandise shops I set up that were no longer active. I’ve deleted those, but I also realized that I’d never made the promised donation for one of them, so now I’ve done that.

I’m posting the receipt here (legal name and address blacked out) as documentation. The total earnings were less than $10, so I kicked in enough to bring it up to $25, because Ali Forney Center is well deserving.

Back to my sea of cardboard boxes…


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