18 for 2018

Striped Blue Sky 2018 Cloud Sticker

I’m cheating a bit on this year’s “things to do” list. I have one REALLY BIG thing to start with, so I broke it up into some smaller pieces. So, here are the things I hope to accomplish in the coming year:

  1. Buy a house. EEP.
  2. Move.
  3. Move my parents in with me. MORE EEP.
  4. Actually get unpacked this time. For real. (Goal: by Memorial Day.)
  5. Pay off remaining hospital/doctor bills from my gall bladder issues.
  6. Pay off remaining credit card balance.
  7. Increase retirement savings. (Goal: 10% by end of 2018.)
  8. Publish my fifth novel (February 20)!
  9. Write/finish and submit/publish three new stories.
  10. Start submitting to agents (carry over from 2017).
  11. Attend some Georgia Romance Writers meetings.
  12. Attend/present at the Spring Fling conference in Chicago.
  13. Attend/present at the RT Booklovers’ convention in Reno.
  14. Attend the Council of Science Editors meeting in New Orleans (for the day job).
  15. Attend the RWA conference in Denver.
  16. Plan and execute publication of the Daily Dragon for Dragon Con 2018.
  17. Go to NYC in October.
  18. Have a fabulous 50th birthday party in December!

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