Seventeen for 2017


Following up from the “Sixteen in 2016” post I did a year ago, I decided to go ahead and do the same for 2017, with a plus-one. So in no particular order, here are the things I hope to accomplish in the coming year:

  1. Pay off my remaining student loan. The last payment is scheduled for June, but the balance is so low that I’ll probably pay it off sooner.  DONE
  2. Pay off another credit card. I’m down to two with balances, so I might manage both. DONE
  3. Increase my retirement savings. I’m currently at 7% and want to be at least 10% by the end of the year. UPDATE: Just increased to 9% (July).
  4. Set up monthly charitable donations, focusing on social justice/civil rights organizations. UPDATE: I haven’t done this monthly, but I have been doing periodic donations.
  5. Wean myself back off soda. I drink wayyyyy too much sugar these days. UPDATE: In progress. I stopped buying/drinking Sprite all the time, anyway.
  6. Do more major purging before I move, especially books, CDs, and DVDs that never leave their shelves. DONE
  7. Move. I’ll have my own place again for the first time in a decade! DONE
  8. Actually finish unpacking this time. Goal: by Memorial Day weekend (~2.5 months). UPDATE: Not done, but getting there…
  9. Take my parents to Walt Disney World (planned for February).
  10. Finish publishing Hands On novella set.
  11. Write/finish writing and submit/publish three new stories. UPDATE: Two submissions down!
  12. Start submitting to agents.
  13. Attend the RT Booklovers’ convention in Atlanta.
  14. Attend the Council of Science Editors meeting in San Diego (for the day job).
  15. Attend at least one other romance writing conference.
  16. Plan and execute publication of the Daily Dragon for Dragon Con 2017.
  17. Finally get together the Seekrit Project I’ve been wanting to do for my mom for years. (Shhhhh!)

There. That ought to give me plenty to focus on. Happy New Year, everyone!


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