Surprise (Re-)Release! “Fringes”

I recently got back the rights to my erotic voyeuristic threesome BDSM sci-fi romance short story”Fringes,” so I’m re-releasing it! (Minor editing only, no substantive changes.) I’m also trying out KU, so it’s just at Amazon for now.


Out on the edge of the universe, boundaries blur at the speed of life.

While checking an abandoned ship in the hopes of spare parts or rare luxuries, lovers Jace and Tal find a room that seems to have been made for them—it has built-in bondage table. They take advantage of the surprising find, but then the ship’s communications system crackles to life, and they discover they aren’t exactly alone. The ship’s owner, Cruz, offers them a deal: fix up the ship—and give him live sex shows now and then—and he’ll pay them for the privilege. But when their business agreement takes a turn for the personal, all three men end up getting more than they bargained for.


(Previous publication August 2013 by Wilde City Press)

Currently writing: Heart & Soul, M/M novella (~61%)

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