Life or Something Like It

Just a little update on things. I’ll be headed to my parents’ in a few days, when my mom is scheduled to be able to go home from rehab. Her recovery from her broken ankle has been going well, and she’s passed the biggest hurdle: she can move from the bed to the wheelchair (or potty chair) and back, mostly on her own.

My other main projects are finishing my stack of RITA books (and logging the scores), and working on the Hands On novellas. I’m shooting to have all three done by the end of April. Unless something drastic happens, I plan to self-publish these. (More on that later, but just to head off any possible speculation, that has nothing to do with any problem with any publisher!)

Oh yeah… and I have a day job to do, too. 🙂

Currently writing: Rhythm & Blues, M/M novella (~78%)

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