My Favorites of 2014

I am terrible at keeping up with this list during the year, so know that I will probably leave out at least a couple that I really loved. These are all books I read for the first time during 2014, even if they were published earlier. I normally do favorite cover art too, but I’ve been sick as a dog for the past five days, so just don’t have the wherewithal right now. 🙂


Better Than series—Lane Hayes

Dissonance—Shira Anthony

Five Dates—Amy Jo Cousins

A Heart for Robbie—J.P. Barnaby

Junk—Josephine Myles

The Last Thing He Needs—J.H. Knight

The Lonely Drop—Vanessa North

The Mating of Michael—Eli Easton

North Star trilogy—Posy Roberts

Nothing Serious—Jay Northcote

Nothing Ventured—Jay Northcote

Off Campus— Amy Jo Cousins

Rainbow Blues—KC Burn

Sleigh Ride—Heidi Cullinan

Spencer—J.P. Barnaby

Stuff—Josephine Myles

Tough Love—Heidi Cullinan


The Lumberfox & The Superfox—Ava Lovelace

The Place I Belong—Inez Kelley

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