GayRomLit in (very very) Brief

I am not going to attempt to list everyone who was awesome at GRL because I would leave people out FOR SURE. But here are a few highlights:

1. First and foremost, getting to listen to Shira Anthony sing. She did several classic showtunes and torch songs plus a couple of opera arias, and she basically blew the walls off the place. WOW.

With Michael Kudo

2. The always fabulous J.P. Barnaby picking me up at the airport on Wednesday and delivering me back there on Sunday.

3. Michael Kudo and William Cooper being absolute sweethearts every moment of every day.

4. Cuddling by the fire with Posy Roberts (and everyone else who was trying to stay warm!).

With Posy Roberts and Bru Baker

With Andrew Q. Gordon

5. Andrew Gordon recruiting me to be his “arm candy” and good luck charm during the Casino Night party, and then dragging me onto the dance floor at the costume party.

6. Getting to have dinner and drinks with local friends N, J, and R.

7. Seeing all the awesome folks from Dreamspinner and Wilde City (and the other great publishers in attendance!).

8. Buying two of my all-time favorite books in print and getting them signed by the authors.

9. The fabulous T.C. Blue bringing me water and Coke from her offsite run so I wouldn’t have to pay hotel prices.

10. The Firefly crew at the costume party!

With Cherie Noel (Zoe), Jambrea Gaff (Kaylee), and Ally Blue (Inara)

With super!reader and friend Sue N.

11. And, of course, handing out the HUG ME! buttons, which turned out to be the best idea ever, if only for the dozens and dozens of hugs they garnered me. 😀

(Thanks to my fellow con-goers for the pics: selfies with Andrew and Sue, I think Lisa Horan took the one with Michael, and the fabulous official event photographer Madison Parker for the costume party group shots!)

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