Worst Valentine’s Day…

Harlequin and CBC Books had a Twitter contest yesterday to come up with the worst Valentine’s Day stories ever (real or imagined). They were giving out books written by Canadian HQ authors, and I couldn’t resist chiming in. I won a copy of Vicki Essex’s In Her Corner, about mixed-martial arts fighters, with this one:

He’d made plans already, so she decided to wait until after the 14th to break up with him. Then at dinner, he proposed.

Er… whoops!

Here are the rest of the ones I posted, just for the fun of it. I hope you had a better Valentine’s Day than any of these folks. 🙂

She packed her things and got on her flight back home. He didn’t come after her.

He was sure he’d cooked the chicken thoroughly. Their romantic evening ending with food poisoning told a different story.

He’d finally found the man of his dreams! He planned the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner to celebrate. Then he got stood up.

She spent the night with her two favorite men: Jack and Jim.

She bit happily into one of the chocolates he’d sent, not thinking to check for nuts first. Good thing her EpiPen was nearby.

She went to his office to surprise him with a sexy lunch. He was surprised all right: he had his mistress bent over his desk.

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