Goals for 2013

I’m terrible at resolutions or goals on anything. I get sidetracked, distracted, derailed, and anything else you can imagine. So my goals for the year are nebulous, at best. I’ve done the best I can to nail down somewhere to start from, though. I have five writing goals and one professional goal.

1. Finish my second novel
I have a revise-and-resubmit request deep into revisions. I’d like to have the revisions finished and off to beta by the end of January, with a target (re-)submission date of March. Current progress: chapter 4 of 14.

2. Finish two more novels
I have a number of projects in various stages of completion, but there are two in particular I’d like to focus on. One is a standalone; the other one that could lead into a series (related stories, not sequels). The tone and setting for these stories are very different (though both are contemporary), and I prefer to work on more than one project at a time, so I would probably alternate between the two. (If one of these projects crashes and burns—or if I manage to finish both!—I have a third slotted for backup.)

3. Finish a novella
This is a relatively new idea that came out pretty well developed. I’ll alternate it with the above projects. I like having something shorter going on among the longer stories, simply because they’re finished sooner, and I like the sense of accomplishment of finishing a story. 😉

4. Write complete story summaries/outlines for a trilogy
I don’t know yet if this will be a trilogy of novels or novellas, but either way, I need to have all three of them written before I submit the first, so I need to get them solidly planned out. The stories would be too entwined to allow for much break between publication dates, and I don’t yet trust myself to write anything longer than a short story on a tight deadline. If I get any of the stories written, bonus!

5. Finish edits on short story for anthology
This story is written, submitted, and due for publication in April, which means I’ll have publisher edits to process. At least I have one publication already set for 2013!

6. Attend Outlantacon, Romance Writers of America, and GayRomLit conventions
All three of these conventions are in Atlanta this year. I’ve attended Outlantacon and GRL the past two years, but this will be my first RWA. That also means I’ll be joining RWA too, which I probably should have done already, and naturally I’ll be joining the Rainbow Romance Writers chapter!

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