Spare Me A Lung?

I’ve been pretty well knocked flat the past week by one of the nastiest colds I can remember having. It came on quickly and settled into my lungs really well before moving north to lay siege to my sinuses, and it hasn’t let go yet. I didn’t leave the house for five days. Not recommended at all.

Feeling that miserable didn’t exactly stoke any creative fires, either. I did some revision work (on the site here and on some writing), but I didn’t get any new words down. (Darn, I should’ve written a character with a nasty cold. LOL)

I’m starting to feel marginally better—at least, I put in a full day at the office today—so I’m hoping it’ll be uphill from now on. And maybe Derrick and Josh and Sam and Ellery and all those other guys I left stranded will get a little more attention again. 🙂

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