Editing Lockdown

I know I’ve been quieter than usual lately. I had two writing goals for January: finishing a set of commissioned short stories, and getting an older story revised and off to beta.

Goal #1 is complete, and goal #2 is nearly there. I put myself on editing lockdown over the weekend (no reading! no writing! just editing!) and ended up slashing and burning huge swaths of the story, from around 64k to 50k. The machete work is done, so now I have to fix a few spots and give it one last good edit before shipping it to beta. With a week left in the month, I should hit the deadline just fine. 🙂

After that? Well, I’m still still deciding. I have several WIPs to choose from:

  • The high school story that started as my 2011 NaNo project
  • The ghost story that was my other possible NaNo project
  • A trilogy based around the owners/employees of a GLBT bookstore
  • A disaster story (earthquakes and volcanoes! Wheee!)

And some others that I’ve got in the pipeline in various stages of completion.

Decisions, decisions…

5 responses to “Editing Lockdown

  1. Heck yes! I am more or less on editing lockdown all year. After spending two NaNoWriMos churning out stories with no regard for quality, I’ve got loads of raw material, but it’s high time I put together a more polished collection. Kudos to you for making it through the slash and burn stage!

  2. Vicktor "Vic" Alexander

    OOooohhh can I vote?! I choose A. No wait…D. Either one of those would be awesome books!

    Enjoy your editing lockdown, I just finished one and sent it off to the betas and now I’m back in the PFD to write a new book. Fun times were had by all.

  3. My vote is for the bookstore trilogy. I’ve been waaaaaiiiiiting for you to start on that.


    Sorry, couldn’t help myself. =)

  4. See, you guys are no more help than anyone else has been in helping me decide. Votes for 3 of 4 projects. Siiiiiiigh. 😉

  5. So, if I declare myself queen of the universe….can I command you to work on the one I want? heh.