The Required End of the Year Post

So, 2011 is ending. Like many years, it’s been quite a rollercoaster, but for me, at least, it ended up on the plus side overall. I published my first novel, along with a half-dozen short stories, met a bunch of great people online and at three different conventions, read a lot of great stories, and got a hell of a lot of writing done. And that’s just on the writerly side of things.

Here are some random thoughts about random things.

In 2011, I published approximately 138,250 words. I can’t even attempt to estimate how many words I wrote (well over half of those published were written in 2010), so this is the best litmus test I have. I also made a bunch of great new friends through the writing community, many online and many in person (and some both!), and that’s worth more than any royalties, in my book. 🙂

GayRomLit was an absolute blast, and I can’t wait for year 2 in Albuquerque. I also had a great time with author friends at Gaylaxicon/Outlantacon and at Dragon*Con.

A few favorite M/M romance books from this year, not even close to exhaustive and in no particular order except that’s how they occurred to me…

Caregiver by Rick R. Reed
Another Enchanted April by Eric Arvin
Accompanied by a Waltz and Seven Days by Andrew Grey
By Any Other Name by Tia Fielding
What We Deserve by Kerry Freeman
Clear Water by Amy Lane
Hot Head by Damon Suede
Dance with Me by Heidi Cullinan
Between Sinners and Saints by Marie Sexton
Once in a Lifetime by Ariel Tachna
Rocking the Boat and Tipping the Balance by Christopher Koehler
In Dreams He Came by Trina Lane
All Bets are Off by Marguerite Labbe
Love at First Sight by Cardeno C.

For 2012, my main goal is simple: keep writing. But I’m going to spend the first few days/weeks making some more concrete goals. I have the NaNo project to finish, another novel undergoing heavy revision, and a series (three books minimum) that keeps nagging at me. I have a novella coming out in February, but I want to concentrate more on long stories, especially novels, for a number of reasons, but mostly because, well, why not? I did it once, so I can do it again, right? 😉

More than anything, though, I want to keep having fun with all of this. If I push too hard, it becomes, well, work. And for now, at least, I’d rather stick with just the day job feeling like work!

Happy New Year to all, and hope we all have a safe, healthy, happy, and successful 2012. 🙂

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