What Planet Am I On?

Sorry about the sudden radio silence there, folks. Yes, I’m still alive and kicking! A combination of day-job busyness and GayRomLit have kept me pretty much limited to 140 characters at a time. 🙂

But I’m here now with an update, albeit brief. GayRomLit in New Orleans was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. So much fun meeting so many authors and readers, and New Orleans itself is always a fun time. My favorite parts were the Dreamspinner publisher’s spotlight and the riverboat cruise, but everything else ran a close second. 🙂

A few of the things I learned: Damon Suede has enough personality in his little finger to charm the pants right off your body; I have a total platonic girl crush on J.P. Barnaby; Kate McMurray is basically me, except she lives in Brooklyn; it’s Marguerite Labbe’s fault the Braves and Red Sox tanked at the end of the season; Rick Reed is a sweetie and much quieter in person than you’d expect; Rowan Speedwell has an incredibly cool earring collection to match her incredibly cool self; William Cooper loves daiquiris and is totally adorable and I would totally adopt him, but I can’t afford to pay his tuition; construction in a hotel full of gay romance writers and readers will result in many, many comments about drilling and screwing; and I am in total awe of the event organizers for getting such a crazy bunch of people into any semblance of order.

I could go on for days (no, really), but unfortunately, the day job keeps dragging me away. Le sigh. More updates and such soon! 🙂

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