Friday Feedbag: Sunday Sweets

It isn’t like anyone in the world doesn’t know about Cake Wrecks, so I wouldn’t just say “ooo go look at this!” about them, like you haven’t seen them linked a billion times before. Nope, I’ve decided today is Opposite Day, so I’m going to recommend the good side of bad cakes: Sunday Sweets.

Every Sunday, Cake Wrecks takes a break from the worst of the worst to feature the best of the best. Cakes you won’t believe are actually cakes. Cakes that look like a million bucks (and in some cases, probably cost that much). Cakes that make you want to shellac them and keep them forever instead of actually eating them.

The themed cakes are unbelieveable (check out recent posts for Threadcakes, cakes based on Threadless t-shirt designs, and Harry Potter), but my favorites are actually the simpler ones, which mostly tend to be wedding cakes. I’m not a big fan of fondant for eating, but it certainly makes for some gorgeous creations. The minimalist design shown here is an excellent example.

So go forth and admire!

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