Geeking Out

I had a wonderful phone discussion with fellow author Kerry Freeman last night. I’d critiqued a manuscript for her from the Help Write Now auction, and it came with a 10–15 minute phone or Skype chat to discuss it. We spent about that long on the manuscript… and then talked for another hour and fifteen minutes, mostly about writing. (And publishers, and Dragon*Con, and living in the South… LOL)

I love talking to other authors about what we write. I have two very close friends I talk to via online chat nearly every day, and a large portion of our discussions cover what we’re writing (heavier on fanfic, since that’s how we all met). I love it all: hashing out possible plot points, discussing how characters can change the course of a plot, complaining about the overwhelming number of plotbunnies in our “to be written” folders (all of which were covered extensively last night). I love talking about other authors’ stories, what we like and don’t like about them. 

In short, I am a total writing geek, and I am not ashamed to admit it! 

I’ll take just about any chance I can get to talk writing. I love that my mom is a writer, so I can talk about it with her. (To a point: she doesn’t want to talk about sex scenes, and I wouldn’t want to talk about that with my mother anyway!) I’m thrilled that some writerly friends will be here for Dragon*Con, and I know darn good and well we’ll be talking writing a lot. And one of the main reasons I decided to go to GayRomLit is to have a chance to just talk writing with some of the awesome authors who’ll be there. 

So, if you ever run into me somewhere, or if you just want to sit around and talk writing for a while, hit me up!

One response to “Geeking Out

  1. I had a great time talking to you, too! I really appreciate your critique; your comments have been so helpful. Definitely considering going to Dragon*Con now 🙂